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 The Man Behind the Mosque - Tony Perkins

February 04, 2016

Anyone who says President Obama doesn't believe in the freedom of religion is wrong. It is evident by his actions that he strongly believes in that freedom -- at least for Muslims. And Wednesday, he stood in a mosque just outside of Washington that has record of radicalism to prove it. With a compassion he rarely demonstrates for the Christian faith, the president stunned plenty by spending the day before the National Prayer Breakfast legitimizing an ideology at war with the world.

An ideology, his own Treasury Department found, the Islamic Society of Baltimore has shared. "As a Muslim American," one local told Fox News, "I'm just insulted. This is disgraceful that this is... the mosque he's chosen to visit. [It's] very concerning." The Society's former imam, who was flagged by U.S. officials for his ties to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood -- hardly the kind of peace-loving Islamists the President speaks of. According to several sources, the White House knew about the mosque's connections and ignored them anyway. "They prepared memos for the president's aides that specifically laid out the sordid history and nexus to terrorism of the Islamic Society of Baltimore," terrorism expert Steve Emerson pointed out.

Surely, it left most Americans wondering: is the president's team just inept -- or are they, as some suggest, sending a subtle message? Unfortunately for Christians, Jews, and other targets of radical Muslims, the president's speech was not so subtle. If anything, it pulled back the curtain on a very frightening agenda of the Left: the elevation of Islam at the expense of every other faith group in America. "Recently," the president said, "we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim Americans that has no place in our country... We are one American family. And when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second-class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation." When any religious group is targeted, he went on, "we all have a responsibility to speak up. And we have to reject a politics that seeks to manipulate prejudice or bias, and targets people because of religion."

It was a surreal moment for a country that's watched the president's seven-year war on the First Amendment. He condemned religious hostility while the proof of his administration's own hostility grows stronger every day! He speaks of tolerance and acceptance while showing anything but to Christians and Jews. "Muslims are already a privileged group," Arnold Steinberg wrote in an excellent piece for American Spectator. "Just as the Obama administration interprets freedom of religion selectively as it wants to force a Christian baker who finds a gay wedding immoral... the same Obama lawyers favor Muslims. The government seems to believe that a Muslim truck driver must be "accommodated" if he doesn't want to transport alcohol, or a Muslim airline steward must be "accommodated" if he doesn't want to serve alcohol."

And the president doesn't merely defend Islam in speeches, he prioritizes them in policy. Immigration, national security, education, and religious liberty debates have all seemed to widen the gates for Muslims at the expense of the largest and most influential faith group in the country. What's more, he's doing all of this despite the hypocritical message it sends to his base.

"Obama and his groupies charge the Republicans with a 'War on Women' and an assault on 'gay rights.' But the Muslim nations continue aggression against women and homosexuals, ranging from sexual mutilation, assault, and rape, to stoning and death. Contrary to the mainstream media, these practices are not confined to ISIS, but prevail in varying degree throughout the Muslim world... What the secular progressives and agnostic-atheist liberals don't get is this: after the Islamists deal with the Jews, and then deal with the Christians, they will go after the ultimate non-believers, the secular-progressives, especially women and homosexuals," Steinberg points out.
And amazingly, that violence is as much a threat to Muslims as it is to non-Muslims. "Right now, Muslims are killing each other on a grand scale, in the name of Islam. Are there any current wars of Jews killing Jews, or Christians killing Christians?"

President Obama has spent the better portion of seven years lecturing Americans on the need to celebrate Islam, while innocent Christians are dying to have Obama defend them with the same ferocity. What a tragic irony that the president devoted 5,145 words to the plight of Muslims yesterday -- yet he can't spare one to describe the crisis faced by thousands of believers in the Middle East: genocide.


 2016/2/5 4:45Profile

 Re: The Man Behind the Mosque - Tony Perkins

No real surprises there. The Muslim brotherhood & CAIR officials have carte Blanche come and go as you please privileges at the White House. Interesting that Obama visited a Christian (or catholic, can't remember for sure) school to speak earlier in his presidency & he demanded that every cross & reference to Christ be covered so not to show up in his videos/pics of his speaking there. Yet, "Allah" was written on the wall a 1,000x in Arabic behind him in this mosque & he certainly had no issue with it?

 2016/2/5 10:26


He also says that "Islam ha been there in Americas beginnings since its founding." While I love Muslims & want to reach them for Christ, that statement is ignorance & historical revisionism to its greatest extent. Jefferson sent American troops (Marines I believe) to go & kill the Islamic pirates who were disrupting the oceanic ship trade routes. Was that what he was referring to? He certainly didn't present it that way. But, a country that can vote gets the leaders it asks for I guess. And as for the Islamicizing of America: I believe if you study Israel in the OT, & ancient & modern history, these ancient "Assyrian" people come as a judgement for the apostasizing of the church & the taking of the blood of the innocent. After Israel under Ahab & Jezebel had burned their babies to the false gods of Baal & Ashteroth on the Tophets & Molechs, eventually God said enough & sent the Assyrians (the first "terrorists") to slaughter them, wipe them out, & drag away the remainders as slaves by hooks in their jaws. America has aborted around 70 million innocent babies & much of the professing church is backslid, asleep, self-absorbed or totally heretically apostate. No surprise this "Islamic (anti-) revival" is taking place in my opinion. BUT, what the devil means for bad, God means for good & uses all things for his glory & purposes, so may we all accept whatever the Lord does that's outside our control & pray for & reach out to Muslims with the Gospel since they are now getting sent to us!

 2016/2/5 10:36


Which all also makes me think that when Obama speaks of "Jesus" (like he did at this prayer breakfast event), that he may well not be speaking of the Jesus Christ of the scriptures (son of God who died on the cross), but the "Jesus" of Islamic tradition/eschatology ("Isa Al Masih" in Arabic, who looks an awful lot like the "false prophet" of Christian scriptures/eschatology). This false "Jesus" comes back doing signs & wonders to tell the world he never dies on a cross, to follow the Mahdi (who looks an awful lot like the Biblical "anti-Christ", that he never claimed to be God's son & that Islam is the one true religion). It's "another Jesus, another faith, another Gospel, which is really no gospel at all" which Paul deals with these false ways in Galatians.

 2016/2/5 10:49

 Re: The Man Behind the Mosque - Tony Perkins

here's the unsettling notion, does anyone actually think top US military brass will just "sit still" if "Barry Hussein" goes off the reservation?

can you say "coup'? unthinkable as it may be, our military is POWER, and I doubt if there are any muslims within top brass.........hang on brother, and stay prayed up, much love to you Mike, neil

 2016/2/5 11:47


Unfortunately, I think you are dead wrong. There are Islamic entanglements, influences, etc. and all the way up the line these days. If you go and look up guys like Admiral Lyons and others, much of the "old guard" at the top has Been weeded out over the last seven years. Forced retirements, etc. and there has been more DC's influence to bring in transvestites and put lemon on the front line so battle then there has to protect the rights of Christians and even just old school outspoken "patriots". I'm sure there are still some, but the culture of top brass military has changed considerably in the last seven years just like the culture of top congressional and White House influential leaders has changed greatly

 2016/2/5 12:04


SIRI! 😁 "PC" & "Women", not DC & lemon. Lol

 2016/2/5 12:05


I will try to find a link to an interview for a former CIA intelligence guy who was actually the one that wrote the manual on Islamic extreme tourism after 911, discussing what they have known for years, and all of the opposition at the top levels of government for a loMy time ( going back to Bush), but especially under this administration incompletely silencing the truth on these matters with the influence of groups like CAIR, The Muslim brotherhood, etc. and all being funded by foreign interests like Saudi Arabia

 2016/2/5 12:07


Terrorism, not tourism! Lol

 2016/2/5 12:08

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