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Did no one else watch the film? Curious if anyone is planning on watching it or planning on tuning into the simulcast on March 13 through SpiritofMartyrdom ministries' website?

 2016/2/6 11:48


Jeff I have seen this excellent video twice. And intend to watch it again today. I will be sending out the link to my distribution list. Also will encourage them to participate in the Spirit of Martyrdom viewing. One of my intercessors is involved in that Ministry.

Saints if you have not seen this video I would encourage you to watch it. Very well done. Challenging and convicting. But also edifying.


 2016/2/6 12:23


You should definitely check this out. A bit telling (& sad) to me so much of the church will spend hours, days, weeks, months & years in studying certain theological/doctrinal/theoretical/hypothetical/disputable matters, but shys away so often from what's clearly Biblical & spiritual (& tal before us) concerning our brethren in the world right now. It will be comin to a greater degree to our shores in the days ahead too. Bank on it. And that's not fear lingering either because by the Spirit of Christ I am not afraid. I am aquatinted with biblical, historical, & foreign land reality NOW, & though I do not fear what the Lord has shown is coming, I will not be caught unaware & offended either. More important than that, it's that our brothers & sisters RIGHT NOW are being beaten, raped, crucified, chased, hunted, & killed & yet much of the western church yawns, looks the other way, & returns to endless hypothetical, theoretical, theological discussions (which aren't a bad thing, but knowledge ALONE puffs up, while love builds up). The degree we care about the least of these our brethren is the degree to which we care about Christ Himself. That's biblical spiritual fact. That's theology actually affecting doxology (practice). I'm not on some high horse either, but believe this burden to share these things to be 100% of the Lord's Spirit's leading.
God Bless,

 2016/2/6 14:48

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You should definitely check this out. A bit telling (& sad) to me so much of the church will spend hours, days, weeks, months & years in studying certain theological/doctrinal/theoretical/hypothetical/disputable matters, but shys away so often from what's clearly Biblical & spiritual (& tal before us) concerning our brethren in the world right now

Amen dear brother. I was able to watch the video and share it on SI during the first week it came out I believe. Also dalton Thomas's last video.

I am sure if you know I have been involved in encouraging house churches and warning the body of Christ of coming persecution: Many brothers and sisters are meeting in this way and seeking to bear fruit now while it is easy to witness compared to times of pressure coming on North America.

We are indebted to our brothers and sisters in Iran, they have learnt much, suffered much, they have made the Bride "more beautiful."

May God allow us to learn from them and stand the test when it comes to us here.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/2/6 15:54Profile

 Re: From the Front Lines of Njgeria

I remember reading this report in a VOM magazine. The brother who was writing it was a medical doctor who served the persecuted church in Nigeria. He recounted this obersation. The simple saints in Nigeria cannot articulate the finer points of Calvinism vs Arminianism. But when faced with a jihadist swinging a machete demand that the Nigerian believers renounce Christ and say the Islamic creed. The precious saints will say NO. JESUS ID LORD. Then suddenly their theology becomes very deep.

Something worth meditating on.


 2016/2/6 16:14


Most of The church's response (or apathetic non-response & just looking the other way) actually reminds me of much of the church's response to the holocaust & the genocide of the Jewish race at the hands of the Nazis. Think "just sing louder" & stay self-absorbed while ignoring their plight. Only I believe this is FAR WORSE! In that, regardless of what race it is, it is genocide, & you may think this or that about Israel & eschatological considerations. HOWEVER, we are talking now about the specific genocidal extermination here of believers who confess Christ by the tens & tens of thousands & the apathy seems just as bad overall, if not more so? Crazy to me! As someone once said in the Nazi era, "to do nothing in the face of evil, is evil itself". And I'm not even talking about "taking up arms", but just being willing to look what's happening to the bride squarely in the face AND AT THE VERY LEAST, allow your heart be moved to compassion, to pray & intercede on their behalf & ask the Lord what else He might want you to do? I am speechless at the church's wholesale response (or lack of response) overall to this.

I'm not trying to condemn or exalt myself or anyone else in pride. This observation to me is heart-breaking. If I am only interested in brethren that I can interact with on Sunday & that my relationship to them benefits both of us, but can't put my heart out there for our brethren who are under these tremendous pressures, I think maybe we should look at if our "love has grown cold" & if we truly understand the Body, prayer/intercession, missions & evangelism, etc. I just can't get past it no matter how much I try to see it from different Angles. I think I know how the early church saw it, how the Apostle Paul's missionary & apostolic heart saw it, & how the Lord sees it, by the Word of God & the Spirit of God. This is a prophetic cry for this generation. A wake up call to where we are as the church on God's timeline, etc. Even Spurgeon, who was a theological doctrinal giant in many areas, said that if people mistook his theological positions in God's sovereignty to be an apathetic sit back & just wait & watch attitude, they missed it. Theological study is good & commanded. But Doxology (practice) should be the result, not just head knowledge & further teaching that never affects the heart & the actions.

 2016/2/6 16:39


Jeff regarding the church's response to the Nazi Holocaust. I believe a French historian said those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. The fact that the American church is not responding to the current genocide of a Christians in the Middle East shows that we are repeating the same cycle of history. All I can say is tragic.

I find it interesting that very few have commented on this thread regarding the video. Also very few have commented on what Sandra posted regarding the Ken Millar imprisonment. But take a look at those theology threads. One wonders.......


 2016/2/6 17:02

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I did dowload and watch this film a few weeks ago when it first became available.
It's shocking, grevious, painful, convicting, encouraging, inspiring, heart wrenching, and enlightening. ....all these things and more.

It helps us see how the church in such places lives out their faith and what shallow faith we often exhibit in our comfortable world, far removed from this.


 2016/2/6 17:43Profile


Yeah, amen. That's a good way to put it. It definitely compels me to look at where I may be giving less than my all & putting it in light of those called to give all & doing it. And this is a Biblical principle too. Often we can read Hebrews 11 which was put there for good reason, but maybe not so quickly connect these historical Biblical examples with real current day brethren right now at this time. But it's called "The Hall of Faith" & it's in there, & it's the same scenario for many of our brethren in the Middle East right now. It makes one consider so many eternal things down deep that the heart is moved in so many ways, & it makes us think & consider these things deeply. And again, it's even more about "them" than it is "us", & our response towards them should be the Lord's heart too. But the effect on our own personal walk/lives/thinking is undeniable as well, as it well should be. Thanks for sharing!
God Bless,

 2016/2/6 19:40


It also compels us to think about things we might say at times but never really think deeply about in a personal way like:
1.) Fear vs trusting God in ALL things
2.) truly loving our enemies
3.) Counting the cost & carrying our cross
4.) Eternal rewards vs temporal comforts
5.) True Prayer/Intercession for those on the front lines in the hardest harvest fields

Etc., etc., etc.

 2016/2/6 19:43

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