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 Sheep Among Wolves - Chronicles of the Persecuted Church, Volume 1

Sheep Among Wolves is now available to view online in its entirety for free on Vimeo, YouTube & FAI Studios' website. This is a 65 minute powerful documentary on the persecuted church worldwide, but particularly right now in the Middle East in light of the Islamic "(anti) revival", the rise of ISIS, etc. It also interviews the imbedded, anonymous, underground church in these nations, & particularly the ministry of GCM (Global Catylytic Ministries) & the explosive growth of the church there among Muslims. This is not a light, happy go lucky film. This explores & provokes serious attention & thought to the real struggles of the church there, the call to missions/evangelism, prayer, presence &/or financial support for the church, & really makes one evaluate "the cost" being counted & paid by our brethren in these lands at this time. Although I watched in its entirety with my family after pre-viewing it myself, I do not recommend letting small children watch this before you have viewed it & made your decisions in that area - FYI. I have seen a lot of documentaries on the persecuted church, but I'd have to say this is by far the best one I have seen. It high kites reality, the cost, & the sacrifice, hope, faith & joy in seeing God move & save people in the hardest harvest fields in the world, the Islamic nations of the Middle East inside the "10/40 window". There also will be a special silva at next month on March 13th you can sign up for to play at your home, congregation/fellowship through "Spirit of Martydom Ministry" as well, but you can watch now online for free yourself if you like. The YouTube video link is:

 2016/2/4 10:02

 Re: Sheep Among Wolves - Chronicles of the Persecuted Church, Volume 1

Sorry for the typos. Apple spell corrector at its finest thinking it knows better than me what I'm trying to say! 😁

 2016/2/4 10:05

 Re: Sheep Among Wolves - Chronicles of the Persecuted Church, Volume 1

Jeff thanks for posting. Particularly the Youtube version. I'm aware of that renting or buying the actual video supports the work of the persecuted church. But unfortunately my budget is limited. But I pray watching this video will help me pray more effectively for the Persecuted Church. As right now prayers are most effective powerful weapon to help our brothers and sisters in persecution.

I would encourage all to view this film. I have seen other videos put out by Dalton Thomas. And again they are excellent. One such video I would come in this Better Friends than Mountains. It is a story of how God is moving in northern Iraq and the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. Dalton Thomas who made these videos has actually moved with his family to northern Iraq to minister. One who is truky laying it down for Christ.


 2016/2/4 12:48


Forum I would not recommend you watch this video. I say again I would not recommend you watch this video. I say again I do not recommend you watch this video UNLESS, UNLESS, UNKESS.......

You are orepared to weep.
You are prepared to be broken.
You are prepared to be challenged.
And you are prepared to go to the lost in restricted nations.

If you are comfortable in your Christianity. Then do not watch this video. Because it will disturb you very greatly.

But if you are prepared to be challenged. And if you are prepared to be used by Christ. Then watch this video. I say again watch this video. But I do not recommended for the faint of heart in this forum. But I recommend it for those who have a heart of courage for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The question that I am asking myself. Is not should I go. But why should I NOT go. By far this is one of the most powerful videos I have seen regarding the persecuted church and the global harvest. I encourage all to watch it. But again not for the faint of heart.

Blaine Scogin
Perercution Watch

 2016/2/4 14:17


Blaine, the answer is easy. You go if the Lord is telling you to go. You stay if the Lord is telling you to stay. We cannot be led by emotions and good intentions. 1 Cor. 13.

 2016/2/4 17:33

 Re: Julius

Matthew 28:18-20

All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

Julius we were commanded to go into all of the nation's 2000 years ago. And that command still holds today. The command is GO. Brother Andrew in commenting on these verses tells us jesus said to GO. He did not say come back.

But the particulars of the command to go . Will be realized in the calling God has on one's life. One person may be called to go minister in Iraq. Wheress another person may be called to go minister to the neighbor across the street.

Simply my thiughts.


 2016/2/4 18:13


by bearmaster on 2016/2/4 18:13:00

But the particulars of the command to go . Will be realized in the calling God has on one's life. One person may be called to go minister in Iraq. Wheress another person may be called to go minister to the neighbor across the street.

Thank you!

 2016/2/4 19:25


Brethren like Jeff I have seen many videos regarding the persecuted church. And they have been excellent. But by far this is the best video I have seen regarding the persecuted church and the global harvest. If you have not seen this video. I would urge you to watch it. It is on YouTube. I have seen it twice today. Abd I believe I will be watching it several more times.

As I watched the video I was gripped by the paradigm our brothers and sisters have in persecuted lands. One of the most powerful statements was made by a Christian sister who was converted out of Islam. She was asked by a brother. What would should I do if you are being raped by ISIS. The response of the sister will blow one's mind. I don't remember her exact answer. But it went something like this. I am dead to Christ. I renounced all of my rights when I chose to follow Him. If I am being raped. I will say Lord Jesus. I surrender my body to you. Again this will blow one's mind.

In the video a brother commented when I think of persecution. When I think of the possibility of martyrdom. I think of the age to come. In essence this temporal life pales in comparison to the eternal life that one will have with Jesus. This is the strength of the persecuted church.

Again I urge you to please watch this video that are brother Jeff has posted. For I believe it will challenge you. And yes convict you. But I believe that we will challenged to live for something far greater. But something far greater than our temporal lives here on earth. We will be challenged to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blaine Scogin
Persecution Watch

 2016/2/4 20:31


Yeah, and I think about Jesus' & the apostles' words about loving the brethren. Much of the western church doesn't want to see/think about these things. But this is a self-centered (& unBiblical, in light of passages like Hebrews 13:3 & others) egocentric "ME-ism" flaw. If people don't think about these brethren & face head on what they're going through leading to prayer (& support for some & going for some), then the reasons are not justified. Some may have "fear" that's unbiblical & it needs to be dealt with head on. Some may think since it doesn't affect them directly, what does it matter to them (em which they may not say overtly that way, but their attitude & actions speak this loudly) & the problem is apathy & self-centeredness. Not trying to put anyone in the bondage of condemnation, but it's just true. If "they will know we are Christians by our love", but we don't even love our foreign brethren under this kind of pressure enough to face/see their plight & let Christ move us to prayer & or support, what kind of love is that? Many People say that a sign of someone's spiritual birth & life is their desire to be with brethren. I agree with that. But I'd add someone's willingness/heart towards our most pressured brethren (who can't do anything for us, so there's no hint of self-motive - although I have corresponded with the brother who leads Global Catalytic Ministries & shared things & he has/is praying for me too) really shows something about our love or apathy too. Without question. Think of the sheep & goats judgement: "what you have (or haven't) done TO THE LEAST OF THESE MY BRETHREN, you have (or haven't) done unto me." That's red letters too. Anyways, I exhort you all to step out of what "feels good" & really consider these things. These aren't movies of actors. These are your brothers & sisters real lives! They are just as much your/Christ's brethren as much as sister Sally you see at church on Sunday. I think that often doesn't really get thought about the way Christ sees it, the way the scriptures speak to these things, etc. Lord bid that we, in the west especially, have our theological study & mediation (which is a good thing), & our fellowship in relatively complete freedom (which is a good thing), etc. but let us also have the heart of God by the Spirit for our brethren in these conditions. On that day, The first shall be last & the last first. The weak are the strong in God. Let us be true spiritual prayer intercessors, supporters as we are able, & wiling to go & do wherever the Lamb leadeth.

 2016/2/4 23:31


Certainly curious anyone else's thoughts/comments/impact after watching the (now free to view) movie as well.

 2016/2/5 9:25

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