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 Grateful for saints here

Thank you, Brandy, for that Daily Manna quote on Feb. 1
'There is nothing so big and black as the devil makes it.'
I was slipping into 'a black hole' and came across your posts.
It is amazing how God will speak through his servants on
This website. Like many who write here and who read, we are encouraged
For often those who are here live in the true Reality of the Kingdom of God.
Praying for you and Greg and all the 'invisible' saints we will someday meet in Glory.
Sister L

 2016/2/2 20:25

 Re: Grateful for saints here

Leslie praying that you will find encouragement in the Lord Jesus Christ. May His richest blessing be upon you.


 2016/2/3 10:14


Thank you brother Blaine and with all the evil, compromise and darkness on the earth today, I am reminded of Corrie ten Boom's words after coming out of the Ravensbruck Nazi concentration camp 70 years ago:
"There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still."
Our God is faithful. We must always say with Job: "The LORD giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the Name of the LORD."

 2016/2/3 11:46

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


It is amazing how God will speak through his servants on
This website.

Amen sister, from the same devotional quotes this one my wife shared with me greatly encouraged me in the LORD.

"Northing is important but JESUS and abiding in Him." - H.R.W.

It is amazing sometimes how the Holy Spirit can just use for simple words to deepen our walk with the living Saviour.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/2/3 12:01Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Thank you sis. Leslie for your sweet note and I too am so thankful for the saints on SermonIndex and what is shared!

Please know that you are in our heart and prayers as are all the saints on here.

At a prayer meeting yesterday morning, one of the sisters had a word about how the devil wants us so much to focus on the circumstances all around us, others failings, our own failings...and that we have to keep bringing our thoughts back to Jesus and His victory, that His power is above every other power and situation that comes against us and that what seems impossible is possible with Him.

I praise The Lord for the precious reminder of this basic truth that really hit home yesterday and encouraged me to consecrate my thoughts and stir myself up to follow on to know Him...and to rest and trust and wait patiently for Him knowing those who do will never be ashamed.

The Lord keeps bringing to my attention in various ways the weapon of PRAISE and declaring the word of God in thanksgiving irrespective of how a situation appears and regardless of how I feel in the natural. (Lord, help me.)

"The best way to overcome moods and depression is to praise the Lord aloud...get up and march up and down praising the Lord with a loud voice." Robert D. Kalis

"When you can praise God in the midst of adversity and suffering, you have the most powerful release from the powers of darkness." Art Katz

Hallelujah! Even His enemies are fulfilling His perfect plan and behold, He makes all things new!

((Love you)) 🙏

 2016/2/3 13:46Profile


My sister Leslie know that nothing can ever be deeper than the love of Jesus for you. For sure this is Paul's prayer to the Ephesians saints at the end of Ephesians 3.

Dear God I pray that my sister Leslie will be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the height the depth the length and the breath of your love for her. For I ask this in your mighty Son's Name amen.

Bro. Blaine

 2016/2/3 17:13

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