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 I Want to See Jesus good thoughts from Steve Hill ministry

January 31
I Want to See Jesus
For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.
Matthew 7:14, NASB
George Whitefield was mightily used of God in the 1700s to kindle revival in America. He chose to walk the narrow way and received no small amount of trouble for it. Here, he shares from his own experience on the subject of seeing Jesus.

We cannot expect to see Christ in glory unless we are willing to run alone, being counted as one of those despised few who take the kingdom of God by violence. Many choose the broad road, but it is the straight and narrow path that leads to life. When we stay focused on Jesus with the cross before us, and when we are considered fools for His sake and still rejoice, we will see Jesus with eager joy when He appears in glory.

Consider Zacchaeus as he scurried up the sycamore tree. Perhaps that was difficult for him to do, but he knew he had to climb it. No doubt he heard people laugh at him as he ran along! But Zacchaeus didn’t care; his curiosity was strong: He wanted to see Jesus. Similarly, those who would see Christ must undergo difficulties and hardships, besides contempt.

Those who have a fervent desire to see Jesus in heaven will be ridiculed on earth, but they will go on from strength to strength, breaking through every difficulty lying in their way, and caring not what men think.

Press on, friend! As Whitefield described, the road is narrow and difficult, but you are divinely empowered to succeed!
Genesis 32; Mark 3;
Esther 8; Romans 3


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