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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Jezebel spirit???

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What is sad is that sisters in the Lord seemed to be blamed for all the problems in a family. The counterpart to Jezebel is Ahab.

EPH 5:25 – Husbands, LOVE your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it. Too many men fail to provide spiritual leadership in their homes and then, too often, the spirit of Jezebel surfaces in the wife causing the wife to be forced into headship of the home which is totally demonic. No woman can fulfill the father’s role. Men need to carefully watch for the spirit of rebellion and disorder in themselves which causes a man to lie around the house and let the woman work and support the family. This is a very serious part of the Ahab spirit at work.

Men – stop pushing your wives to do your God-given responsibilities. She is not to manage the home, correct the children, go to work to support the family…be the man God called you to be, provide that umbrella of protection for your wife and family. Be a leader in all areas.

Ahab – What Is An Ahab – Is There An Ahab In Your Life

 2016/1/28 22:11


From the link I posted.

God says that the man is to be the head in the family. So Satan goes for the head to attempt to destroy the male and his role of leadership. He tempts the man to let his wife handle problems that he should take care of. This is an issue of transferring of responsibilities and in doing this the man becomes weaker and weaker and may even become an invalid. The burden is on the man, not the woman. Remember that the “sins of the fathers” will pass down to the children and grandchildren. They will live on and on.

Here are some examples of how Ahab works
- has lightness towards sin
- is a workaholic or alcoholic
- enjoys childish things, sulking, temper, tantrums, drinking
- may call his wife Mom, Mama. May want to a like a “little boy”
- may be attracted to a Jezebel type wife, giving him excuses to commit adultery, get drunk, act irresponsibly and rationalize situations
- views parenting as playing with the children but avoiding the unpleasant
- puts “being out with the boys” above his family duties
- doubts his own abilities
- dislikes using his God-given authority to decision making
- unable to cope with his wife’s problems, tunes her out
- attempt to please his Jezebel wife by letting her have her way
- may have a “competitive” spirit. Goals are wealth, success, status, greed
- plays the guessing game: What did I do, how can I please her
- definitely does not want to lead but to criticize those who do. Passive.
- feels inadequate to support his family, gets frustrated, leaves the house

What can you do, as a man, to counter this Ahab spirit in you? First of all ADMIT you are an Ahab and that it begins with the head, the man, it begins with YOU. Don’t sit back, nothing will happen till you move out and take action.

Throw yourself on the mercy of God and say “Jesus, I need You. Deliver me from the curses on me and my family. Deliver me that I may be a man again, the man you planned for me to be since before the beginning.” After calling upon Jesus renounce the spirits, break the curses by your own words. Speak the prayers of deliverance. Pray in front of your wife and family. Speak the name of God. Do not be fearful under any circumstances.

Here are a few things to recognize in yourself as you deal with the Ahab spirit at work in your life:

- Men who won’t pray with their family
- Men who will not say the blessing at the table
- Men who will not read the Bible out loud at home
- Men who will not speak the Name of Jesus
- Men who will not raise their hands

 2016/1/29 10:08

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