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 The Collapse of Mormonism: Why Millions Are No Longer Mormons

Please watch
very fascinating documentary, and in some ways hilarious.


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 Re: The Collapse of Mormonism: Why Millions Are No Longer Mormons

from the video description:

THIS RECENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY IS TRIGGERING THE COLLAPSE OF MORMONISM GLOBALLY. Since the book of Abraham is a Fraud, how can they trust the book of Mormon or Joseph Smith? They can't.

(As a result, millions are abandoning the Mormon Church and returning to biblical truth.)

This is an expose on how and learn why Mormons are NOT Genuine Christians and they teach a false gospel and a False Jesus. A False Jesus cannot save nor restore a person's relationship with God. There's no substitute for Jesus Christ. Don't allow yourself or others become deceived by this cult. There is One and Only One God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As one who was saved by Jesus in 1974, I can tell you that I knew that Mormonism was false back then, but there is a greater hold Satan has on people in Mormonism. It is a cultural bond that is stronger than seeking truth.

Please continue to pray that our Lord would pour out His Spirit on people within the confines of Mormonism, and He has, I know many who have come out of Mormonism, but I know many who have embraced the True and Living Christ.

God saved the leadership at the Worldwide Church of God and they abandoned the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong and when they embraced biblical Christianity many of their members were saved, however it was noted that many went and started new churches that would not believe in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I can't write now, but please those of you who pray, continue to pray that more would be able to leave the comfort of the culture of Mormonism , which is so family oriented and comfortable in spite of learning the truth.

Yours in Christ,
Leslie Young

 2016/1/22 14:50

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Now that I am living in Utah, right in the very heart of Mormon culture I can agree with what Leslie has written. So many of my Mormon neighbors are faithful to the church here because of the culture and family ties. Everyone knows everyone else based on what ward you attend. Many of them will not leave because it would mean living every single person they know behind. Family, extended family and life long friends would no longer have that common bond. Parents pressure kids to do missions from a very early age so that they will not be looked down on from other members of their ward. Marriage and family are valued here but not in the way that you might think. To get married and have children is a requirement so that you can do well and someday have your own planet to rule as God. Even though there is a great importance placed on marriage, divorce and remarriage is still really high. Sadly what I am seeing from those who do leave the Mormon church many are so disillusioned with the system that they want nothing to do with the Lord in any way. Many leave the wards and embrace the world instead.

Much prayer is needed for those lost in the false religious system.


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I can agree with what Leslie and RDG are saying. It is true that Mormons believe in a false Christ. But there is more here. As Islam is life to the Muslim. That is Islam pervades a Muslin's famiky, work, education, religion, government etc. The sane can be said for Mormonism. For someone on the LDS syatem Mormonism is wverything. It is a dynamic that influences the total being of a Mormon. Rekigion, education, work, etc. I have learned this in the course of prayer walking around Salt Lake and praying over the Salt Lake Valley.

The LDS will present a wholesone, cleam, family, moral religion. They will be comnended for getting their young adults involved in their religion. Even the American evangelical churches will marvel at the young LDS people who must raise their support to go on mission. In many ways Mormonism is akin to American evangelical Christianity in outward appearance.

But here is what the LDS will not tell you. There is a high rate of suicide among young adults in the LDS Church. Many young Mormons are on psychotropic drugs and being treated by a psychiatrist. Polygamy is practiced secretly in Utah. There are those who come out of sexual abuse in these polygamy colonies. I have heard that there are also dark and satanic practices in Mormonism. That should not be surprising given that Mormonism actually is associated with the Masonic Lodge.

There is a crying need for the gospel of Jesus Christ to penetrate the darkness of the Salt Lake Valley. A friend of mine and I stood on the place where Brigham Young claimed the Salt Lake Valley for Mormonism. We read the first 8 chapters of Ronans over the the SLC Valley. Then prayed for the word to penetrate dark hearts. At the end of our prayer I shouted the old Miravian cry.......May the Lamb that was slain recieve the rewarard of His sufferings .......Brothers and sisters, please let us pray that over the SLC valkey.

Blaine Scogin

 2016/1/22 16:36


A brief personal testimony. When I was still young-ish I left home and started a big trip around the world. I was still in "Egypt" then and was desperate to find some hope and a true purpose for my life. About twice on this trip some "Missionaries " approached me and told me about Jesus and some Bible stuff. But I was on the go and didn't get further involved, - thankfully, as I now know they were Mormons.
For Christmas I decided to rest a few days, I found a nice small country Church and went to a Service, hoping someone would tell me a bit more about this Jesus. But the church was dead, they probably talked a bit about the historical Jesus who was born 2000 years ago etc., but not about the risen Savior who I was desperately seeking.

So the problem today is twofold. There are all those false -isms out there, but not enough disciples who "go into all the world"
To expose false missionaries is one thing, to make all those sacrifices and to "go..." ourselves is quite another.
Paul wrote: Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1)

 2016/1/23 22:52


Brothers and sisters I have watched the video that Fifi posted. It gives a fair treatment of the origins of the Mormon Book of Abraham. There is no agenda here. But an honest intellectual inquiry into the history behind the manuscript of the Book of Abraham.

In light of modern scholarship, particularly in the field of Egyptology, the origins of the Book of Abraham do not stand. Also this research is calling into account the origins of the Book of Mormon. Brigham Young University for all of its scholastic achievement is silent on the academic criticism that is coming forth regarding the Book of Abraham and I would also see the Book of Mormon.

Because of questions arising regarding the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon some are leaving the Mormon Church. Some are becoming atheists. Our prayer should be that those that leave the LDS will find faith in Jesus Christ.

My thoughts.


 2016/1/24 11:48


I think also in watching this video I have come to appreciate more our Bible. God has given us a wonderful collection of 66 books written by different men over a span of thousands of years. Yet with one redemptive message that centers on the person abd work of Jesus Christ.

The Bible has stood up under modern scholarship. History and archaeology archaeology have proven consistently time and again the truth of Scripture. To the best of my knowledge no archaeological discovery has ever disproven the trustworthiness a scripture.

Also many thousands of manuscripts remain which proves the reliability of the Old and the New Testament. Again it can be said that the the Bible has stood the test of modern scholarship.

But perhaps the greatest apologetic to the Bible is that it changes lives. Any person who reads the Bible with an open heart and mind will certainly be changed into a new creation of Christ Jesus.

One would have to ask in a reasonable way. Can the Book of Mormon make the same claim. Can the Book of Mormon pount one to the Savior who can bring them out of darkness into light. Can the Book of Mormon point one to the Cross where they can receive forgiveness of sins? Can the Book of Mormon set one free from their sins?

Also as I write this another question arises. Will One be put to death in persecuted nations for owning a copy of the Book of Mormon? I think the answer to this sent to the other questions are obvious.


 2016/1/24 11:58

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