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 Social Worker Investigates Homeschool Family Amid Claims Children Are 'Unsocialized'

The parents of 10 children are being investigated by a social worker amid claims that they're raising "unsocialized homeschoolers."

"The specific allegation of 'unsocialized homeschoolers' is uncommon," said Michael Donnelly, staff attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association, to The Christian Post Thursday.

"However, it is not that uncommon for social services investigators and public school officials to express concerns about socialization in connection with children being homeschooled." ...

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 Re: Social Worker Investigates Homeschool Family Amid Claims Children Are 'Unsoc

I read that last week.

Funny that they don't express any concern about socialization in public schools. Because, they are most concerned NOT about negative socialization but lack of and they somehow know how to determine how much socialization a child needs. I think the Mother and Father are well equipped to parent their own children.

I'm glad the social worker saw the light and this whole thing turned out good.

Most of these calls come from "concerned neighbors."

Can't say enough about

 2016/1/18 13:19

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I'm thankful for HSLDA, too. And Christian Concern in UK. And CLA, also, here. And others.

My whole heart in going to law school and becoming an attorney was to do that very kind of work. Never panned out that way, though. The government's recognition of the rights of Christians is shrinking by the day. Ten years ago, 15, no one would've even opened a file on a matter like this. Besides, how can you have 10 kids and them not be socialized? That's a softball team. :)


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Exactly! How can a family with 10 children not have enough socialization? Just a busy body neighbor... you know how it is, "if you see something, say something".

Our society is becoming a society of snitches. The government is very suspicious of people with lifestyles that are not viewed as status quo lifestyles.

 2016/1/18 15:00

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