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 Apocalyptic Sounds Being Heard Worldwide

this brother, Jason A has being posting regularly on youtube for the past few years.....he is NOT a "wingnut"....what he does is record newscasts from around the nation, and sometimes overseas.

I felt it right to post his latest video compilation, as these irregularities have been quickening......should you fear? Globally, on newscast, he's compiled footage of a strange "moan/roar", as to WHAT this IS? God only knows. Literally, Praise His Name.

 2016/1/17 0:55

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 Re: Apocalyptic Sounds Being Heard Worldwide

Interesting, What I keep experiencing is an anger in me toward the Muslim Mosque on Jerusalem's Holy Mount and a prayer for God to utterly cast it down and destroy this dwelling of satan. I have no doubt that this will be accomplished soon.
I also see prophets rising up in Israel with divine healing like what Jesus did as outward signs to the people in that area and speaking judgements to the world:/.


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There will always be religious wars in this world. Satan wants to pull Christians into them where they then "call down fire from heaven" and wish destruction on men. Take comfort in the fact that the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom and buildings and edifices in this world or the lack of them do not affect the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. He dwells in us and we dwell in Him.

 2016/1/17 13:45

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Things like this video fascinate me. The eerie sounds. I know reports of these high whining sounds are widespread even if uncommon. I din't know what it is, but I don't call it "apocalyptic". It does not reveal anything (apocalypse means revelation), it doesn't clarify anything (or we wouldn't call it a mystery), it has no known eschatological relevance (if the trumet gives an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?).

I feel a little like Fox Mulder--I WANT TO BELIEVE, as his poster said on X-Files. I wwnt to believe these are groanings from earth as this place is being prepared for the revelation of the glory of the sons of God, i.e., next week. But, we would be way out of line to suppose such a thing.

Fun. Interesting. Not particularly important to know or understand unless God ssys so through His church and enlightened understanding of the revealed Word.


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I agree Tim. Very interesting but I am sure all have logical explanations. There are a lot of extremely wacko comments below the video on YouTube (cloaked alien motherships - they can travel light years and use a cloaking device but have noisy engines-- then there's the comments about the government practicing the staging of a fake 2nd coming of Christ).

I don't hear any booms or hums where I live. However I was at the outer banks NC a couple of years ago fishing on the pier and around 1pm we heard what I thought was a bolt of lightning about 10 ft away- everyone on the pier hit the deck but it was a clear blue sky. I was expecting to see a mushroom cloud out across the ocean. I am sure it was likely a sonic boom traveling across the waves from a jet we could not see.

Paul's mention of the earth groaning obviously was figurative and not literal language.


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There's even a website for these strange sounds.

 2016/1/17 21:51

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