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 Muslims in Pakistan Disrupt Christians’ Worship, Storm Homes

Muslims in a town in Pakistan’s Punjab Province who seized a church property have disrupted a prayer meeting at a private residence, sources said.

After police arranged a reconciliation meeting between the Muslims and members of the congregation in Sialkot District on Jan. 4, the Muslims instead armed themselves with guns and machetes and attacked the Christians’ family members in their homes, said Bashir Masih, a Christian in Nawan Pind, Sadho Mahal, 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Lahore.

Masih said area Muslims have “made it almost impossible” for church members to worship even in their homes. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/1/16 6:16Profile

 Re: Muslims in Pakistan Disrupt Christians’ Worship, Storm Homes

Wow. Let us pray & intercede for these persecuted brethren. That God's Spirit would be as real, present, & tangible to them to bring peace in the midst of this unimaginable evil, & that they be bold, faithful, & a witness to the Pakistanis & even the very deceived murderers who take their lives. In times & situations like these, I remember that Jesus assured us in John that He would not lose 1 the Father gives Him, & that Great is their reward in heaven!

Also puts the color of a Christmas coffee cup or mild to medium grade discrimination we face here in The USA into proper persepctive compared to these brethren whose lives, & the lives of their families, are at risk of being snuffed out brutally for the name's sake. Let us be bold, unashamed, full of faith, & have a heart of love to intercede for our "extended family" in the Body in these places. Could very well be us one day too. Don't think it couldn't.

 2016/1/17 9:07

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 Re: Muslims in Pakistan Disrupt Christians’ Worship, Storm Homes

I read the article. Here, the claim is that apart from ISIS, all other Muslims are peaceful. There may be many that are, now, but I believe ultimately their goal is to take over and force their religion where they can. It's different than the Christian goal to evangelize. We too woulg LIKE to have the whole world to believe, but they, when they can, will FORCE it. They are positioning themselves here to do just that. This article shows an intermediate level between the 'peaceful' and 'radical' Muslim.

PS: This is my first time back to Sermon Index in about 7 years. :-)

Mike Jones

 2016/1/17 9:44Profile


A lot of that comes from either outright lies or ignorance. 1.) As far as the outright liars, there's a doctrine in Islam that allows, & even encourages, lying to deceive the infidels & advance the cause of Islam & 2.) As far as ignorance, It's like how so many who are "culturally Christian" in the West, & don't even know what the Bible (our original text source document) says/teaches. Anyone who truly knows the Quran, the Hadiths, & the life & teachings of Mohammed knows that Islam is a brutal religion that demands the forced conversion of "infidels" or they must submit & pay the Jizya tax, or die (be murdered) for Allah's sake. There are some Muslims who do not fully know/understand this, for sure. Either way, we must go & preach the Gospel to them all & let God save those whom He will save among them, both radical extreme fundamentalists (basically, those who actually believe the Quran fully just as I believe the Bible fully) & the "cultural Muslim" who is trying to "serve God" As they understand him, in ignorance from a lack of knowledge of the Gospel!

 2016/1/17 10:03


There are nominal Muslims just as there are nominal Christians. Nominal, being Muslim in name only but not practicing their faith. They were born into a Muslim family and because of that will adopt many of the beliefs but until tested, they don't even know what their convictions are. Same with nominal Christians. When tested, they find out they really have very little biblical or godly convictions although they are usually patriotic and will join up and fight America's "enemies". It ends up being a big carnal battle between religious people who think God is on their side.

 2016/1/17 11:09

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