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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : “THE HIGH FIRST SOWER” (THE ALTUS PROSATOR) BY COLUMBA

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A. THE HIGH FIRST-SOWER, the Ancient of Days and unbegotten, was without any source, limit, or foundation in the beginning, and is, and will be throughout unending ages forever; With him is the only-begotten one, the Christ; And the co-eternal Holy Spirit in the constant glory of the Godhead. We do not claim that there are three gods; rather we declare that God is one, but not at the expense of believing in three most glorious Persons.

B. Blessed Angels and Archangels did He create. Along with the orders of Principalities, Thrones, Powers, and Virtues. This happened so that the goodness and majesty of the Trinity in all the gifts of largesse should not remain idle; for in these celestial ranks God could mightily express his generosities through a capable word.

C. From the peak of the kingdom of heaven, where the angels are located in brightness, Lucifer, whom God created, fell down though pride in the resplendent light and radiant beauty of his own form. He, the author of silly pride and ingrained envy, brought with him in that same sad fall all the apostate angels; While the rest remained in their first-rank places of origin.

D. The great Dragon, most foul, terrible, and ancient, was wiser than all beasts and more ferocious than the animals of the earth. He was the slippery serpent who pulled down with himself into the abyss of the lower places and its many dungeons one third of the stars of heaven. Those who flee the true light are there thrown down headlong by the Parasite.

E. The High One, looking forward to the system of the universe and its harmony, made the heaven and the earth; Brought forth the sea, the waters, the shoots of grass, the trees of the woods, the sun, moon, stars, fire, and all things needed, birds, fish, cattle, beasts, and everything that lives. Then, at the end of His works, [he made] the first-formed human so that He could rule with knowledge.

F. The stars and the great lights of the upper regions were made together, So viewing this wonderful and immense created body the angels burst forth in praise of the Lord, the architect of the heavens; And they with a constant and worthy song of praise rendered thanks to the Lord. This noble harmony in song was not some by-product of their nature, but sprang by choice from their love [of God].

G. Having loitered around and seduced our two first parents, the Devil and his horde fell a second time. The ugliness of their [demonic] faces and the sound of their flying strikes fragile humans with such terror that they cannot see with their eyes of flesh those who are now bundled in the bonds of prison labour camps.''

H. The proud one was cast down by the Lord from the human globe, for it was crowded with his hoards of invisible and wild rebels, for fear that men influenced by their evil manners, as they are never enclosed by fences or walls, should fornicate openly before the eyes of all.

I .From out of their northern sources in the deeper parts of the ocean, from the three-quarters of earth covered in sea, the clouds carry in the rains. In blue whirlwinds the sea reaches up to the heavens, so that the grains, vines, and grasses may all benefit, and then these clouds are moved by the winds coming from their storehouses, and these in turn drain out the water from the marshes.

K. The glory of the kings of this world is fragile and cruel, it passes in a moment struck down at God's nod. Look, even "the giants" being held "beneath the waters weep." They are held there in great pain from being singed with fire and torments.

L. The Lord often shakes down the waters bound up in the clouds, in case they burst their retainers in a single eruption. On the earth the more fruitful streams of water flow slowly in their paths, as if flowing from udders. Freezing and flowing with the turning seasons, they flow everywhere without faltering.

M. The sphere of the earth is hung by the sovereign powers of the great God; and the circle of the great Abyss is placed and supported by the powerful will of almighty God. They are held as if by columns or bars; and based on a firm foundation as if on an outcrop of rock.

N. It appears that no one doubts that hell is in the lowes regions, where darkness, worms, and dreadful beasts are held; where sulphurous fire burns with consuming flames; where men's faces are contorted, and there is "weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the terrible and ancient sighing of Gehenna occurs and where from the fiery burning there comes a horrible hunger and thirst.

O. We know, for we have read it, that there are those who dwell beneath the earth, who often bend the knee in reverence to the Lord; but they cannot open the written book sealed with the seven seals of Christ's warnings. He broke these seals when he rose again victorious, fulfilling what was prefigured in prophecy about his coming.

P. In the beginning the Lord planted a paradise, from the opening of the most noble Genesis we read this. A paradise from whose source four rivers are flowing outward, and in whose floral midst is the tree of life. This tree's leaves do not fall, but bring healing to the nations, and its delights are both plentiful and beyond words.

Q. Who has ascended Sinai, the Lord's chosen mountain? Who has heard the thunder that is beyond the measure of sound, Or the noise of the immense trumpet? Who has seen the lightning flashing around the sky, Or the lights, the thunderbolts, or the smashing rocks? Only Moses, judge of the Israelite people.
R. "The Day of the Lord," the King of Kings, is near. [That will be] "the Day of Wrath, of vengeance, of darkness and clouds; The day of thunders, mighty and wonderful; The day of affliction, mourning, and sadness; On which will cease women's loving and desiring, And men's worldly competition and desire.

S. Before the Lord's tribunal we shall stand shivering with fear. We shall offer an explanation for all our undertakings. While we see our crimes placed before our sight. With the books of conscience laid open in front of us. Then we shall break into the most bitter crying and gasping; For the possibility of doing something about [our crimes] will have been taken away.

T. On the trumpet signal of the first most admirable archangel, The most fortified dungeons and cemeteries burst open. Then the deadly chill of the men of this world turns to liquid; With bones coming together into nodules of sinew from every side. While airy souls are coming down to join with them. Returning again to their proper stations.

U. The Evening Star wanders from the height of Orion at the turning point of heaven; The Pleiades, most splendid of stars, are left behind. It moves over the sea's bounds westward to the sea's unknown eastern limit following its determined track; It returns again and again upon its appointed path in a two year cycle to rise once more in the east. But we study this complex movement for what it mystically tells us.

X. The banner of the cross, the brightest sign, will shine resplendent, when Christ, the celestial Lord, descends from the heavens. The two great lights will be darkened; The stars will drop on the earth like figs from a tree; And the whole space of the universe [will be] filled with fire like the inside of a furnace. Then armies will flee away in the caverns and recesses of the mountains.

Y. Then the Trinity will be praised; With the singing of hymns rung out with prayer; With thousands of lively angels dancing; With "four living creatures, full of eyes, Along with the twenty-four happy elders, Throwing down their crowns at the feet of the Lamb of God; And all unite in the eternal triple chorus[: "Holy, holy, holy!"].

Z. The furious zeal of the fire will consume the adversaries. Those who will not have faith that Christ came from God the Father. But we, by contrast, shall fly at once to meet him, And so shall be with him in the various ordered ranks, According to the eternal rewards we deserve. Remaining in glory forever and ever.

Who can please God in the final time, with the various orders of truth made plain? Only those who have contempt for the present world.


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