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 Re: Wow- Thank you

i'm crying with joy, not seeking praise, but because I was privileged enough to partner with the Lord, in some small way to actually bless another brother or sister....however I could. Brother, my re-introduction to the forum has been marked with a degree of strife and contention, for which I just grieve, because , i'm NOT like that, I love to love, I love to laugh, I love to hug...I love people, with the Love that Jesus loves.....I don't like to fuss, and be contentious..i don't like to argue the Faith, so what you just wrote, blessed me more than you can know......

Brother Greg was kind enough to post several compilations me and the Lord edited......they are in the audio sermons, go to "other speakers A-F".....then look in the left column about 15 speakers down, look for compilations, its easy if you look at the number "of" in parentheses, which is (141)....other saints have made just wonderful "comps", its a minor audio "tract" treasure trove in that "compilation" section.

I don't have an MP3 player, only a CD player in the truck, but you right click over the link, and hit "save as" will save as an MP3.

Not seeking further praise OR to "exalt" myself in any way, I feel led to "give" you as a Gift from the Lord, two more compilations, the first is a revival antidote from a revivalist I TRULY adore in the Lord, Duncan Campbell...though he has been with the Lord, for quite a few years, no man, no human vessel of Christ has done more to shape me, and teach me, and exhort than him, and say, Len Ravenhill as well, as well as the missionary, David Brainerd, thru his diaries, "The Life of Brainerd"....which only comprised 29 years.....this is a compilation entitled "Young Donald Mcphail Prays"

here is the compilation I made for myself, for when the world is dark, and my own knees are weak and flagging.....the push from the Holy Spirit on this compilation is that when we "eat" of Holy Scripture, maybe we tend to, (and I fight against this)view many of the people written about as "abstract"....but they were all people, they got cold, they got hungry, or needed a bath, or a hug, or got cut, and bled....and near the end I reference Paul speaking to the saints biding him farewell....and they all crowd him weeping and kissing his neck, and sometimes, on my knees, listening, weeping, I can see them all....I can hear them all...."echad" one, and I realize the Godly lineage we ALL share, and my heart just leaps for JOY, true Joy in Messiah...its entitled "Hosanna"....may it bless you and anyone who deigns to listen...we are all just people, who God willing will reside forever in the Heavenly Jerusalem...amen.

if you can bear with me, just a second more, I would be remiss, if I didn't post up THE compilation I heard 13 years ago, a Mountain Top of a compilation that makes my efforts seem feeble......its SO ANNOINTED, and its entitled "One Thing You Lack".....praise God, it will impel YOU in the Holy Ghost to start "making comps" as it did me, so long ago....

God love you Brother DMiller, Lord knows I do, as well as ALL here, neil

 2016/1/7 15:20

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