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(pre-note.....while perusing the news of the world, there were two articles, that while WILDLY different, seemed to be linked in some sort of hellish way, I just cant pin my finger onto.....mind you, there is so much plain and rotten filthy demoniac "news", pouring forth like lava, that I mourn over my own unprofitability in Christ, and that unprofitability is the limpness of my own ministry of secret prayer, which the God the Holy Ghost is convicting me mightily a wholly dependent INFANT crying for his mother milk, I cry to Messiah Jesus, give me back what the moths have eaten....give me back that Precious Time with You, in the secret place....if you, unknown saint have read this, I thank you, and pray God's love over your dear soul, heart and spirit, in Jesus Name, the two articles: )

"Christian college moves to fire professor who said Muslims worship same god"


"A Christian college in suburban Chicago has launched termination proceedings against a tenured professor who was suspended last month for saying Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

Larycia Hawkins, an associate professor of political science at Wheaton College, confirmed the decision at a press conference on Wednesday. The 43-year-old professor drew national attention in December for her decision to wear a headscarf to show solidarity with Muslims, following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, which authorities said was inspired by Islamist terrorists."

second article:

"North Korea nuclear test: why did Kim Jong-un press the button now? "

"It rarely happens that one country’s actions unite the world in condemnation, yet this is what North Korea has achieved with reports of its latest underground nuclear test explosion. But this act of universal defiance has also underscored the long-running failure of the international community to rein in Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s youthful dictator, and the country’s dangerous military regime.

Impassioned denunciations of Pyongyang’s new year surprise rang out across the globe, from Washington and Brussels to Tokyo and Canberra. Russia, typically, warned that the test, the country’s fourth, would aggravate tensions and increase “the high potential for military and political confrontation” on the Korean peninsula.

But it was the reaction of China – ostensibly North Korea’s only friend – that was most significant. Beijing formally protested, expressed concern over radioactive fallout in areas bordering North Korea, and indicated it would support new, punitive UN security council action as demanded by South Korea, among others."


just one final note, there were a couple of things that just disturbed my spirit mightily...I know we are NOT to judge man by the outward appearance, but as a former US Naval intel analyst/Korean linguist [ when the world was "young", 1977-81, I was a very 18 years old, but very devoted to my countries mission, and to the South Korean people....and to my Navy] I know this "mob" up in North Korea, and the current "god" Kim Jong Un.....I studied and looked at that photo for a while.....and there is something "off" about him, something unholy and one line in the article just BROKE my was this line:

"In one chilling episode in 2013, he disgraced and executed his uncle and former mentor, Jang Sung-taek, plus all of Jang’s relatives, children and grandchildren."

Its one thing for a demoniac to have his own uncle executed.....but children AND grandchildren?....words fail me, my breath is taken away, as I sit at this I loathe the works of the world, the flesh and devil, Great will be the Day of the Lord, amen

 2016/1/6 15:47

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 Re: Signs

Greetings Neil

I read the first article and the thought struck me, did she go to this christian college always with the intent to preach another gospel knowing that one day they would ask her to leave there by making her a victim in the eyes of the world??? She seems very content to be getting all the attention she is at the moment.

As for the article on North Korea I had not read that one. I did read a headline yesterday that said President Obama was leaning towards siding with Iran over Saudi Arabia and this surprised and troubled me although I am not really sure why. Do you have any thoughts on that?

As always you will be in my prayers. Time is short and the day is dark... let us lift one another up daily in HIM and encourage each other to always be looking to the KING OF KINGS!!

God bless you brother

 2016/1/6 16:42Profile

 beloved sister MaryJane

what a TRULY precious Gift you gave me when I read these words from you:

"As always you will be in my prayers. Time is short and the day is dark... let us lift one another up daily in HIM and encourage each other to always be looking to the KING OF KINGS!!

God bless you brother
maryjane "

Just that little touch of Jesus love from a fellow "inmate", meaning a fellow Blood bought saint living in these jars of clay....just that Jesus love, REALLY blessed my heart and soul and spirit, God love you too, beloved sister.

in answer to your question, Iran/Saudi Arabia.....speaking in the natural about worldly geopolitical matters? lets say you were a legislative aide to a congressman from xyz state, and you needed a briefing on this whole mess, and you directed to call me at the NSC(nation security council) because somebody told you, I was a good guy, patient and non-partisan....and here's the quick and easy phone brief i'd give before I hit the send button on the unclassified bullet point briefing for your Rep.

Iran is Shia, think of the shi'ites as the roman catholics of the muslim world. Clerical power concentrated in a city by the name of Qom, similar to the Vatican in rome, very disciplined, NOBODY makes a "move" without the high sign from the ayatollahs.

The Sau-di's are Sunni's, think of the Sunni's like the protestants, many denomnations. although they doesn't use that word, so think "variants"....the Sa-udi variant is particularly virulent, called Salafi, or "Wahabbism", although that's not a "polite" term to use.

so here's the unclassified briefs courtesy of Wikipedia: (for open source "intel", Wikipedia isn't bad, true you'd have to cross check, but for the price? stomach as much as you can.)

God have mercy, I cant even post the links, they are absolutely so boring, and unless I HAD to, as part of a mission, I cant even read them, so why should you?

let me close again with your beautiful exhortation:

"let us lift one another up daily in HIM and encourage each other to always be looking to the KING OF KINGS!! "

amen!!! God love you my sister, neil

the Sa-udi Kingdom is sunni

 2016/1/6 20:39

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 Re: beloved sister MaryJane

Is this the same Neil that hangs in Wisconsin? :)


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 Brother Neil

The news from Wheaten College blew my mind, I couldn't sleep for days over that.

North Korea on the other hand is no surprise to me, he has to have a valid product tested and tried so he can offer it to a middle eastern country in a sales agreement.


 2016/1/6 21:43Profile

 Re: Brother Neil

Brothers and sisters we need to be vigilant in these end times. I'm not sure how this conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran will play out. I'm not sure how it figures into biblical prophecy. But the bottom line appears to be who is going to lead Islam. Whoever comes out on top in this conflict. Whoever comes out on top in this conflict will definitely be a challenge to the saints in the end times.

The good news, literally, is that there is a deep gospel move in both of these nations. So let us remember brothers and sisters in both Saudi Arabia and Iran in our prayers.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/1/7 7:44

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Does anyone here see a specific reference to Islam in the traditional prophetic scriptures?

Just curious.


 2016/1/7 7:47Profile

 Re: Brother Neil

Brother Dohz,
you hit the nail right on the head:

"he has to have a valid product tested and tried so he can offer it to a middle eastern country in a sales agreement. "

its their only real export, the only card they hold, and what a terrible card to play, and quite obviously the destroyer, the accuser, satan has his filthy hands all over this, and i'm sure you're well aware of what i'm going to write about.

the Kim "dynasty" has committed the MOST heinous sin of all, in their madness, and I underline madness, they have deified the first leader, Kim Il Song, his wife, as the "mother", and the dead father, Kim Jong "gods", a terrible derivation of the (un)holy trinity.....the people in NK, actually "give worship and praise" to these dead people, and have crafted two enormous golden (not actual gold) statues, and say you are ANY kind of foreigner visiting this tortured country, mostly journalists, the FIRST thing you are directed to do, by your handlers, always two, is make a "pilgrimage" to this site, place flowers at the feet of these two idols, bow deeply....and then you are "toured" thru Pyongyang.

this is the only nation on the globe, with a "national religion" based on worship of dead dictators.

how did this madness and gross sin grip this country?

Because the Church, the Body of Christ in South Korea is SO vibrant. Attend a Korean prayer meeting in say Los Angeles, which has the largest urban population of Koreans outside of Seoul, and be prepared for some real soul wrenching, travailing prayer AND real tears.

the US, sends out 10,000 plus missionaries to world...South Korea, a much smaller population, is a VERY close second at 10,000 missionaries also. Obviously this must drive the devil mad, hence North Korea is being used so hellishly.

in the previous decade I had the blessed occasion to come along side a LOT of Korean young people, who love Jesus and pray without ceasing, and with tears for this tortured nation. I have never been to such prayer meetings in my life in Christ, and they have vowed to evangelize North Korea, by life or death, God love and protect them all, they are so precious and beautiful.

you might want to google the grandson of the Rev RA Torrey, Ben Torrey who is doing a wonderful work in South Korea.

the "Wheaton thing"?.....yeh, I had a similar reaction in the Holy Spirit....and cry out....WHY?!

Brother Dohz, I love Paul, but I find myself supping of the "Red Letters", what the Beautiful Savior Jesus said, how I love Him so, and there's a Small Portion of Scripture, I hang onto in these dark days, I hang onto it like a lifeline, with holy desperation, its from Matthew 18, one thru four:

"At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven."

for me, that is sweeter than any honey....that said I would love, in meekness to write this woman in Wheaton a letter containing those four Precious Verses of Scripture, but to ALSO include the next Two Verses, fore I believe that ANY saint reading these would tremble in the Fear of God, they verses five and six:

"Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

Finally, I was so ....blessed by your "35 years ago" testimony, (however brief and lacking in "detail", it was no matter, the Holy Spirit revealed it to me, older brother, and just thrilled my soul) that I want to send you something, that I pray will bless you in the Knowledge of Christ and Him Crucified, not to exalt myself, but to bless you and you have blessed me. Its a compilation the Holy Spirit had me edit for my young son, who on his OWN heart calling, confessed Messiah Jesus as Savior, and Lord.....I was pressed to let him know who he IS...IN Christ Jesus....and I do this not to exalt myself, banish the thought, but in the prayful hope, it bless you, besides my prayers, its all I can give to you, its entitled "A Kingdom of Priests"

and after I hit "submit", I want to bow my head, and listen again, sending my prayers to the Throne for you and ALL the saints that post and read here, that Jesus ravish you and ALL here, with His Love, His Grace, His Mercy and Steadfast Faithfulness .....Jesus is all we have, and He is MORE than enough, all my love in Jesus' Love, your younger brother, neil

 2016/1/7 9:00

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The references are really just regions that seem to be consistent with people groups. Like the mentioning of Jordan, Egypt, and the people groups in Syria etc..SO that said nothing that says Islam specifically but if you look at the characteristics outlined it is like if the shoe fits type of conclusion. Later tonight I'll look up some of these and just give you a list, it probably will not be conclusive but it will give a clear and general idea behind how the prophets heard the Lord as it deals with these people groups. Blessing Bro. DMiller


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 Wow- Thank you

Is there a way to down load it to my mp3 player? I listened to it and thought what a gift! This is something a father gives to his son too, what a wonderful gift. Thank you and God Bless and Keep you, may His Face always shine upon you and give you peace. Blessings Bro.DMiller


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