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 Rules - by Dustin Horstmann

> These rules may seem wise because they require strong devotion, pious self-denial, and severe bodily discipline. But they provide no help in conquering a person’s evil desires.

- Colossians 2:23

Amazed again. The world is filled with religions that have rules, rules that require such devotion.

And yet, these religions have no power (even our half-backed Christian versions). These religions are not connected to Christ.

Maybe the false teachers Paul is talking about here said, "If you strictly follow these rules, then God will bless you."

But for us who have seen Jesus, our starting place is what Christ already finished. God will bless me because of Jesus.

If it were not because of Jesus that I'm blessed, well, then I would have to preach myself and my devotion. I would have to lift myself up as an example for others to look to. But I can't do that. I'm a minister of the Gospel.

But I'm being serious here. Either we experience life from God or we don't. Concerning this, our words are not as important as what we believe in the secret place of our hearts. The whole current of this world goes the opposite way of the Gospel. To trust Jesus and not yourself is no small thing and it is no small battle.

But I ache. I wonder. Do people really, actually, truthfully, honestly experience the Life of the Holy Spirit in their lives, or is it just an idea?

It's hard to keep talking about what Jesus has done when it seems to have little practical benefit to your daily battles. But when you really understand what He's done...

You can't hear enough about HIM.

HE makes the yoke light.
HE puts heaven right smack before your eyes.
HE sets you on the lap of the Father, like the Father was the closest person to you, closer than anyone could ever be.

This love, this perfect love. It's HIM. It's HIM.

How can we ever hear enough about Him?

All the battles of faith we experience, brothers and sister, never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Every fight will be worth it. Every one.

Every one.

Lord Jesus, we thank You. You are our Savior. You are our Savior. Help us now. Root us even more. Strengthen us in battle, even more. From out of the fullness of Heaven, strengthen us, even more. Amen.

 2016/1/6 11:34

 Re: Rules - by Dustin Horstmann


I feel very much the same in my own heart...meaning your personal testimony.

the grief in my OWN heart, over personal matters, or global, or my own innate unprofitability to the Kingdom of God....and as my spirit is led by the Holy Spirit...all that I have, all that I am in Messiah and the to be pray.....pray, and I have fallen far short.

BUT....with HIS Strength.....HIS Love......I lay hold of the One I love.....thru intimate Communing with God, and that is prayer.....its all I got, because He, the I AM is all I have. Jesus and Him Crucified, nailed to the Tree.

thank you for that Word, God LOVE YOU RICHLY, neil

 2016/1/6 15:21

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