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 Dear Saints Check This Out :):):)

Dear brothers and sisters go to youtube and key in Multi Language Revelation Song. Then be prepared to enter into some awesome worship. I might also warn you to have a box of tissues on standby:). I have watched this video several times. Every time I feel led to go down on my knees or go on my face to worship God. And unashamrdly with tears in my eyes.

May you be blessed as I have been worshipping with brothers and sisters from foreign lands singing different parts of this song in their heart language.:):):)


 2015/12/17 6:16

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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: Dear Saints Check This Out :):):)

Brother Blaine,
That was awesome!!!
Standing in parking lot on lunch break with the same tears running down my face:)


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This has been circulating on Facebook lately. Very powerful.

A member of the church I used to attend spent a lot of time on business in Japan so he knew Japanese. Sometimes he would pray in Japanese. Every time he did this it really got me.


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 here is the link


 2015/12/17 16:17Profile

 Re: here is the link

Oh my brothers hallelujah!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb that was slain!!! I just listened to this song. Even know my eyes have tears. I believe this is what it will be like in heaven. To worship the Lord in the singing praises to Him and our heart language. And I don't think that we will need subtitles. We will know. We will know Who we are getting to.


 2015/12/17 17:38

 Re: here is the link

The beautiful thing here is these precious saints are worshiping the Lord. They are not trying to entertain. You can see it in their faces. You can see it in their body motions. They are worshipping Jesus. Their whole body is engaged in worshiping Jesus.

Oh my god grant that we would worship Jesus with the same passion these young Saints are worshipping Him.


 2015/12/17 17:41

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A very moving and profound picture of the church. Thanks.

Mike Compton

 2015/12/17 19:29Profile


Very nice! May our walk reflect our worship of Him in Spirit and in Truth.

 2015/12/17 20:47

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