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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : "Is Gospel for Asia’s Indian Corpus Fund One Reason Why ECFA Terminated GFA’s Membership?"

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Neil, you are interpreting me correctly.

Truth be told, the financial books of all churches should be open to all heads of households in the church and all donors in a para-church groups. If not, there is the very strong temptation to misuse funds and conspire to cover-up what is really being done with the donations from the church.

What I just proposed is probably done in less than 1% of religious organizations, therefore very, very few know what is going on.

 2016/2/1 9:35


yes...yes......isn't that just shameful?...(if not perilous to these men in the light of eternity?....fear of God?...out the window!)

TOTAL transparency!!...I can't understand why not?

but then again, I take comfort knowing that One Day, all that is hidden will be revealed....

the love of mammon is indeed the depth of folly.

 2016/2/1 12:30

 Re: Julius

We should all know how the Devil works. The only way for the Christian to stay above reproach is to abstain from EVERY APPEARANCE of evil.

1Th_5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Total transparency with all the brothers when one or several people are made trustees of donations.

Jesus and the Apostles are our plumbline.

This is not practiced today and that is the Church has given the Devil a foothold because of it.

Eph_4:27 Neither give place to the devil.

Any brother who will not be transparent with the Church's donations is hiding something.

 2016/2/1 14:47

 Re: Julius


Religious thieves using the name of Jesus to perpetuate fraud and theft is hypocrisy at its absolute worst It greatly hinders the cause of Christ to a world that is desperately lost and in great need of salvation.
A genuine and biblical fear of the Lord would not permit such wicked behaviour

 2016/2/1 15:41


Someone stated:

"It looks more and more like GFA is simply a slick marketing company disguised as a Christian mission. GFA's marketing approach includes testing which sales pitch generates the most income from trusting donors, and then paying a small fraction of the incoming funds to that cause and diverting the rest elsewhere.

This is extremely disingenuous to even a secular audience. To use leprosy sufferers in this way is evil. To do it in the name of Christ is heresy."

and someone else stated:

'It is a great evil to raise money for those suffering with something terrible, and then divert most or all of the funds to create and buy businesses with it.
I consider the Indian financials to be just as much fiction as everything else that has been documented. I wonder if any money has ever been spent to help lepers by GFA? "

Does anyone here on Sermon Index have any evidence that GFA has actually done
ANYTHING that can be substantuated in the numbers they claim?

 2016/2/1 17:20



At a certain point you just have to let God take care of these things. Your indignation is just but you have to be careful it does not cross over into bitterness and defile many.

Heb 12:15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

Let the Lord sort this out. It seems that His wheels are in motion and cannot be altered, now.

 2016/2/1 17:32


Thank you Julius.

Not bitter really, just let down by religion for the last 35 years.
Small assemblies, large assemblies, pentecostal, brethren etc
When I was first saved I though that all non catholics were true believers
because they had the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Well not so much

 2016/2/1 17:43


I totally understand. I believed the same way. It is an eye opening and heart testing experience in this walk we are on.

 2016/2/1 18:06

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