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 "Is Gospel for Asia’s Indian Corpus Fund One Reason Why ECFA Terminated GFA’s Membership?"

Is Gospel for Asia’s Indian Corpus Fund One Reason Why ECFA Terminated GFA’s Membership?

November 25, 2015 by Warren Throckmorton

One of the first things I noticed when I first started investigating Gospel for Asia’s finances in India was the corpus fund set up for the Indian organizations (i.e., GFA-India, Believers’ Church, Love India Ministries, & Last Hour Ministries). When I examined Indian records (FC-6 reports), I saw millions in U.S. dollars used to fund these accounts. A corpus fund is a “permanent fund generated and kept for basic expenditures needed for administration and survival of the organisation.” (also see this link)

There is nothing wrong with setting up a corpus fund. In India, organizations can set up a fund and use the interest earned for charitable purposes. However, the donations to the fund are not supposed to be used unless the organization’s existence is threatened.

Another important condition is that donations to the corpus fund must be designated for that purpose by the donor, usually in writing. Without designation, donations are not supposed to go to the corpus fund, but rather to the charitable purpose intended by the donor. The evidence I produce here today suggests to me that GFA donor funds have been systematically diverted to the GFA corpus fund apparently without donor designation for that purpose.

First, I have access to reports showing all donations to GFA – United States for years 2004-2008, 2010-2014 (2009 was unavailable from my source). None of those reports show any donations to a corpus fund.

To illustrate, click through this link to see the 2012 report (it is too long to include in the post). All donations are credited to a specific line item and all line items used by GFA are included in this chart of donations (I have redacted the names of staff and the amount received in their support accounts). I cannot find any line item which refers to a corpus fund. None of the reports going back to 2004 have a line item for the designation of donations to a corpus fund.

Now take a look at this chart of GFA contributions prepared by Jason Watkins, a former auditor with a Big 4 accounting firm. This table shows the donor funds sent by GFA to Indian affiliates to establish and maintain corpus funds. I have independently checked the figures in this table.


This table also shows the percentage of total giving from GFA -United States to the Indian affiliates. Total corpus fund donations from GFA represents about 35% of all giving from GFA to Indian affiliates since fiscal year 2010.

Where did GFA get the money to give to their Indian affiliates?

Due to GFA’s claim that 100% of donations designated for the field go to the field, I feel sure many donors think that 100% of what they give goes to a missionary or children or disaster relief or some such good cause. However, the Indian records show that GFA leaders have established a financial cushion for Believers’ Church and related organizations in India with over $67 million from GFA in Texas. Diverting donor money to a corpus fund would violate ECFA guidelines and might have figured in ECFA’s vote to terminate GFA’s membership.

In summary, donations toward the corpus fund do not show up on GFA’s comprehensive giving reports. However, in the FC-6 reports in India, millions of dollars in contributions to the corpus funds are listed as coming from GFA in the United States. I ask again where did GFA get that money? Nothing in available reports shows donations earmarked for the corpus fund.

 2015/12/14 13:00

 Re: "Is Gospel for Asia’s Indian Corpus Fund One Reason Why ECFA Terminated GF

On March 11, 2011, GFA held an ordination service for Pat Emerick, the current director of GFA Canada, at the GFA headquarters in Texas. Here is a link to an audio file of Pat taking the oath (contains 3 minutes of the 50 minute service): GFA Ordination Vow Audio

Below are transcript excerpts of three key parts of the oath, in which KP is heard asking Pat to promise absolute submission, for life.

KP: “Are you resolved to build up the church as the body of Christ and to remain united to it within the order of bishops, Metropolitan, and under the authority of the successor of the Metropolitan?”
Pat: “I am.”

KP: “Are you resolved to accept and obey the given orders, responsibilities, and disciplines of the church and the ministry and discharge them in absolute submission in accordance with the constitution of the church?”
Pat: “I am.”

*************KP: “Will you promise to submit to my leadership, my successors, and authorities of the church and the ministry set over you all the days of your life and ministry?
Pat: “I firmly make this pledge and promise in the name of God and before this congregation that I will submit and always remain loyal and faithful to your leadership and to your successors and in all matters.”***********

 2015/12/14 21:49

 Re: "Is Gospel for Asia’s Indian Corpus Fund One Reason Why ECFA Terminated GF

I have been receiving mail-outs from GFA and have given to them, trusting that monies was going to whatever I designated to. I do appreciate the warnings here and will check things out for myself.

It always grieves my heart when ministries become corrupted.

May God bring K.P to repentance if indeed these reports are true.

In Jesus Name I pray

 2015/12/15 19:40

 Re: More Shenanigans from GFA leadership

Dear Charities Directorate
I am writing about a registered charity: Gospel For Asia, (GFA) registration #
I, Garry Cluley, became a board member in 2013.
Due to allegations of wrong-doing against our organization, in a board meeting held on July 17, 2015, I requested a copy of our joint-ministry agreement along with financial statements and audits related to it. I was assured that these would be given to me. (I had only recently become aware of their existence. I was not informed of them when I became a board member and they were never mentioned at board meetings.)
Over three months went by without these documents being sent to me. On November 25th, December 2nd, and December 8th, I requested them again from the person in charge of the Canadian office, Pat Emerick. On December 8th I phoned Pat and spoke again of the importance of me having the aforesaid documents. He agreed to send them. To be sure, I followed the call with an email in which I said, in part:
I understand that you will be sending the joint ministry agreement and the audits and that you will be sending them by registered mail. Again, thank you for your time, and for your work for God.
The next day, December 9th, I received a letter via email from KP Yohannan, the chairman of our board and president, informing me that I had been dismissed from the board. A copy of the letter is attached.
KP Yohannan stated:
The board needs to welcome the fresh perspective and ideas that new members can offer
I have only been on the board for two years therefore the claim of a need for a “fresh perspective” seems disingenuous. I believe that the true reason for his action is that he does not want me to see the joint-ministry agreement or their associated financial statements and audits.
The following summarizes my concerns.
 I was not informed beforehand that my position on the board was in question
Garry Cluley
Charities Directorate
Canada Revenue Agency
Ottawa ON K1A 0L5
 There is no indication, that I am aware of, that this was a board action by the full board or that board members were informed of it beforehand
 KP Yohannan stated that he removed me based on By-Law 4.02. To my knowledge we do not have a By-Law by that number. We do have a By-Law 4(b) that says a board member can be dismissed if he is a lunatic or of unsound mind
 The new Industry Canada Not-For Profit Act, Section 126 does not use the word “lunatic”. It states that “incompetency” is a reason for removal but this must be determined by a court
 The NFP Act also states, in Section 130, that removal of a board member must be made by a board at a duly called meeting
I am informing you of my concerns believing that the action against me was not in compliance with the Not-For-Profit Act, our own GFA By-Laws, and therefore does not comply with CRA requirements for such an action.
It is my belief that a full investigation into financial and other practices by GFA is needed. Yours very truly,
Garry Cluley,
Member of GFA-Canada Board of Directors
PS. Additional contact information Email:

 2016/1/12 17:39


Is this saying that a concerned member of the board of GFA
Canada asked for the financials, that he was stonewalled, and then abruptly removed from the Canadian board of GFA for no discernible reason?

And where is the post that you started on SI with over 5000 views with much documented proof of GFA'S treacherous dealings with donors money over the last 15 years?

 2016/1/13 8:09


post removed......because I love you all here in my love, my spirit, in Jesus Love, and in the Holy Spirit.....please forgive me, if I spoke ill.

 2016/1/13 18:39

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it got sent to got disappeared so to speak.

Saints, my wife showed me evidence of some posts that are going missing, it is not just related to this thread. please do pray we can fix the problem!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Just wanted to share there are various posts showing up blank on numerous threads old and new...They were in no way altered by SI.

The issue is being prayerfully and painstakingly addressed and the love and prayers of the saints on SI are deeply appreciated. 🙏

Edit: after posting saw Greg's post.

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 Brother Greg

please forgive my seemingly intemperate words....I love you my dear brother, neil

 2016/1/13 20:04

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 Re: Brother Greg

No offence taken dear brother. Can any saint here confirm the blank OP thread of GFA and if it is fixed now?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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