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 Doing Something Worthwhile, who me?

We all like to feel that what we are doing counts for something, that is really worthwhile. We like to see practical results. We know that much labor is lost. The ordinary things of life seem to amount so little. They are not spectacular; no one pays much attention to them; and we naturally feel that when we do something; we want it to be something that people can see and that they will think is worthwhile., and something that we ourselves can feel is worthwhile. Some think: " If I could just preach, oh! I can do so little-nothing worth while at all, nothing worth the effort. What can my feeble efforts accomplish anyway?"

Others think that if they could just go to a foreign land and work among the heathen, draw people to Christ there, send back home great reports of what they have accomplished, have their names published in the paper and have people talking about them, then that would be worth while. But since they are only ordinary people and can do only ordinary things, it seem to them that it hardly pays to try. They will just follow the line of at least resistance and do all the things the easiest way. But they still want to do something really worthwhile.

So what is really worthwhile in life? Is it only those things that make a great show? Is it only those things that the world counts great? A Sister said once, "I used to think that I could do nothing worth while, but I have found that just simply living salvation before people is a great work." She had learned a wonderful lesson. She has found truth so great that most people do not recognize it as truth when they do find it. It is one of those truth that have the peculiarity of seeming small and insignificant though they are very fundamentals of truth. (I too am trying to learn as well, I haven't arrived)

Just simple living salvation before people-yes that is what counts, and it counts more than anything else. That is one of the very great things that an individual has ever done in this world. Talk is cheap, and many people can talk all day and say scarcely anything either. Some people can sway great crowds by their eloquence, they can accomplish wonderful things, but still they can live salvation or, they do not. There is no power so great in this world as the simple power of a holy, quiet life. The sister mentioned can never hope to do great things as other people might count them. She is in frail health; she is isolated from other saints and cannot attend meetings as many others; she has not the ability to preach or to do anything very great, as greatness is usually reckoned; but she has learned the great fact that she is not shut out from doing a work for the LORD.

If all God's people could learn this lesson-if they should learn that it really counts just simply to live right, just simply to be an ordinary every-day Christian; if they could once get that thoroughly fixed in their minds and hearts-it would glorify their lives, it would exalt the common service, it would shed a halo over their lives, and they would not feel discouraged.

When Moses was at Pharaoh's court, I suppose he thought that he was doing something really worth while. He amounted to something there. But when the Lord let him be driven, or rather frightened, away from that court and he went out into the wilderness, I suppose he thought his occupation there was hardly worth while. Why, what was he doing, anyway? Just taking care of the sheep, leading them out in the morning to the pasture, bringing them back to the fold at night, seven days in seven days out-just doing that and nothing more. I suppose it did not look very big to Moses, but it did to God. God thought it worth so much that he kept him at that work for forty years. Then Moses, at the age of eighty when it looked as if he were about done with this world was called to go to do something for the LORD. That forty years in the wilderness counted now. It had given him experience that helped to qualify him for the work to which God had called him. He came out of there worth while because he had done something worth while in those years. He had learned about God-oh, so many things he had learned! And now he was ready to put that knowledge into practice.

Alot of times we have wilderness periods in our lives when God let us be shut up in a corner, as it were, and do little things that do not seem to count. But they count for us if they do not count anywhere else. There is one thing-and just one-that stands out above all other things in the human life, and that is faithfulness. No matter what our life may be, where we may be, if we are just faithful it is sure to count. That is one thing that you can do: you can be faithful to the LORD. You can do what he wants you to do. You can live pure, holy, undefiled, and keep shining everyday, no matter what the circumstances maybe. Just remember to keep shining. That is the thing that counts. Keep living clean as God wants you to live. If we do this, He will know where He can find somebody who is faithful when He wants something done. But ever keep this before you: there is no greater, more necessary work in the world than putting the truth of God into visible form in the pure and quiet life….

 2005/5/13 12:58

 Re: Doing Something Worthwhile, who me?

Ghandi said that if christians would live like the bible teaches, India would be won in one day. One day. That's over 1 billion people. Selah. What you write dear saint is so true. But unfortunately it is written to so few. We cannot find contentment is spending time with God.

I once used an illustration that I think is appropriate here. I filled a glass half full of water, and told one of my sons to bump into me. So he gave me a little shove. I didn't spill a drop. So I told him to bump me hard enough that I would have to take several steps just to keep my balance. He did. I didn't spill a drop. Now mind you, the glass was very clean and the water inside was pure water, no dirt or trash.

Then I filled the glass until I could not put in another drop. I asked him to bump like he did the fist time. He did. The water spilled all over everything that was around that area.

See, if we would just take the time to get so close to and so full of God, the least little disturbance would produce rivers of living water flowing from our hearts onto everything that is around us. Oh if only we would live like the bible teaches...if only.

 2005/5/13 21:33

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 Re:Re: Doing Something Worthwhile, who me?

I am ellie, I live in the North East of the UK. I was reading your Posting and Healingwaters reply, and knew how familiar it was to my life.

Having been ill for quite some years I would sometimes feel that I could not do things for God and would I ever be physically well enough.

Through the years God would put on my heart, Intercessory prayer and I would know that I was worthwhile for God. I found it so special to have this relationship with him and that blessed me greatly.

During the last four years I could not go to Church, as I was extremely ill. The main cause of which was an anti-anxiety Tablet that I had been given. God in the midst of all that time, gave me so many young people in need to pray for. And again it warmed my heart and blessed me that I was doing things for God. People did not know, that in my illness, I was being used by God.
God chose his time when he would make it known that the tablet I was taking, was a big problem to me. During that time I got a clot on my lung. We now believe it was that Tablet. I went to the Hospital and was being administered drugs to thin the blood, within 25 minutes of getting the pain. The clot could have gone through to my heart. I could have died on that day. This is another reason to know, how Great God is and what he did for me at that time.
I am no longer taking that Tablet.

The prayers he gives me, can be in the night or when I am walking past people and God gives me a knowing, who he wants me to pray for.

I have come through into a knowing of God’s Great Power and the knowledge that I stand on the rock, the foundation of Faith. The all knowing, that, ‘God is THE I AM.’ I have a depth in my being for young needy people. I always knew that I had a heart for the young and those who are deprived of many things. Now I have a deep knowing that this is the Ministry for me and most of it will be private praying as he shows me and I hope in the future to be able to show, Jesus compassion to these people, to encourage them, for them to have a security that they have never known.

I have spoken very little about it to anyone over the years.

And so, I am encouraged by God to continue in my faith, in a wonderful God who has a great love for me. And I thank him.

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 Praying saints

Hi Ellie,

Thank you for this, perhaps the following may welcome your prayers:

[url=] Gethsemane: Please Help[/url]

Mike Balog

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I've been coming to this site off and on thru out the summer months, winter is coming. But I thought I'd check out some of things that I had written on this site, as I find that reading ones own writing is inspirational, especially if it's been inspired. When I began to read the introduction to my thread, I thought someone got a hold of my user name and password because I can't remember writing this good a letter, or rather, cabable of writing such inspiration.

I am certainly not praising my own work, but I praise God for the work that He is doing in me, and in all of us.

I am sure that many of you have thought the same thoughts when reading over your inspired works?


 2005/8/25 0:13

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