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 Keep on walking- A word from the Lord

I wrote this word this morning after being in prayer and hearing the Spirit say " Keep on walking." Although I sensed it was to the Body of Christ, I also believe it is for someone specific. Be blessed .....bro Frank

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking
Through the rain and through the snow
Keep on walking
Allow the Lord to show you where to go

Keep on walking
Through the fire and through the flood
Keep on walking
Knowing that you're covered by His Blood

Keep on walking
When there seems no way ahead
Keep on walking
Though you be lost, know that you are Spirit led

Keep on walking
Though there's no strength to go on
Keep on walking
Through the darkness till you reach the dawn

Keep on walking
Though every instinct says give up
Keep on walking
Till the darkness ends and you see the sun come up

Keep on walking
Never stop until the very end
Keep on walking
He walks with you, He is your Lord and He's your friend

Though today you may feel you are alone
Can I tell you from the one upon the throne
Keep on walking for I am right there by your side
I am at the door and I am coming for my Bride

I love you and I know just where you are
I am near though it seems that I am far
You are not alone I am with you all the way
I see you tears and hear your prayers each day

Walk my child come walk with me each day
Open up your heart and I will show the way
Though trials now seem so very hard to bear
Know that I am with you and that I truly care

One day soon you'll know just as you're known
And dwell with me eternally before my Holy throne
Do not hide from me, come and keep on talking
Get up once more, set your face, it's time to keep on walking.

 2015/12/10 11:44

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 Re: Keep on walking- A word from the Lord

Thank you so much for sharing this Frank. I am going to pass it along to my son. He is struggling right now in his life. He struggles with anxiety issues, and social anxiety. He is for the first time in his life attempting to hold on to a job that puts him in situations that cause him stress and at times panic. I have been sharing JESUS with him daily for the past few weeks but just now he is really having a hard time seeing the light. He has been depressed and feels discouraged as each day simple situations at work make him feel overwhelmed. He wants to continue working but becomes embarrassed as his emotions over come him and he breaks down in tears from time to time. So far he continues to go each day, we pray for him and he is praying as well. I am going to suggest he keep this poem of yours on his phone and read it on his breaks to encourage him. I think it will mean a great deal to him.

God bless and thank you for being faithful to share the things GOD has given you.


 2015/12/10 11:56Profile


Dear sister, your son has my prayers this day. I was a slave to anxiety for all of my life until I came to Jesus at 27 and even after that it took me a decade or more to work through so many of the fears and the issues. God was so faithful through it all although He did put me in situations that demanded I fall upon Him. I think of the Hymn " I need thee, every hour I need thee." And often times it was every minute. Speaking publicly, going to college, situations you could not have made me do even if you pointed a loaded shotgun at me. Yet, my gentle Jesus, knowing me better than I knew myself, knowing where He wanted to take me, kept on with me. There were times I did fail and quit and run and then beat myself up, but not Jesus, only ever love and patience and kindness that defied explanation outside of unconditional remarkable abundant and extravagent love. May the Lord deliver your son from the chains of anxiety and fear, He has come to free the captives............bro Frank

 2015/12/10 12:09

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This is for me, Brother Frank (and I expect a host of others)....a panel of sheetrock fell this morning from the attic onto my son's car. My dog got to the basement and wet on a quilt I am preparing to mail out to a show next week. Add to those trivialities fighting in my family and children living in sin, and all the holiday tension. I so often want to quit....We raised them for Christ..thank you for sharing this....

I will pray for your son, MaryJane. I have a similar situation with one of mine. It is agonizing to watch. Bless you!

 2015/12/10 14:03Profile


Oh sister, there is nothing trivial in the things that you mention. Oftentimes when the trials of life assail you, and they are many and at every turn they surround you, those many trials simply become one large trial, the trial that so often is life itself and we begin to get weary, dont we? I have felt that weariness so many times as I imagine every saint down through the ages has felt sister. And so at times we have to reach down deep, very deep, just to move forward with one more day. Deep roots reaching down to the depths in the midst of droughts. And we find the strength dont we sister? We find it in the Lord, the wellspring of all strength. Oftentimes when many troubles surround me I fall back on this " as long as I know I am loved." This never failing love of the Lord is our source of life and sanity itself. I wrote this poem one time that reflects that .........

As long as I know I am loved
I can still go on living
I can rest my head tonight
Because I know I am forgiven

As long as I know You are there
I can walk in the dark of the night
I can lay down in the valley
For in the dark you have given me sight

As long as I know I am Yours
Then joy still dwells deep within
I can smile where others cannot
For I am delivered from the curse of sin

As long as I know You today
I can mourn with another’s loss
I can open my heart and pour out my love
Because of what you did on the cross

Now this ” knowing,” is not in my head
Nor is learned or given to me
To know Him is when two become one
And that one is surely set free

Free to plunge the depths of His love
And to scale the heights of His glory above
Free to know the comforts of His rod
Free to know the fullness of God

Free to swim in a perpetual sea
A never-ending ocean of love
Free to fly in an endless sky
For I was given the wings of a dove

An eternity to search the unsearchable
Forever to know the unknowable
What seems to the world the narrow way
Is the entrance to eternity which starts today

Yesterday today and forever
Is the Kingdom of God in my heart
It all began when two became one
Now every day is a brand new start

Will you search out the glories of Christ today?
To be known is to truly know
When you walk in the shadow of Christ your King
Wherever He goes you surely shall go.

 2015/12/10 14:24

Joined: 2010/11/20
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Thank you for your kind words Bro Frank.... I have been reaching down deep for years now. I must say I am grateful for my afflictions that I may know more of Him. You have a gift in your poetry which comes from the Lord. My gift is sewing... Thousands of prayers have gone into my many stitches... Can't wait to see the other side of the tapestry when I get to Glory!

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 Re: Keep on walking- A word from the Lord

Thank you, Bro. Frank. Last night, I attended a memorial service for a sister who was called home by the Lord after 3 years of battle with cancer. The testimonies of how the Lord walked her and her husband through are most encouraging. The love and peace emanating from both that touched many around them, the absence of complaining and murmuring from her, the love and devotion of her husband to her through all the years they were married, the stories of the times when the pain was overwhelming and the husband would simply encourage her by reminding her to "focus on Jesus", the times just before the Lord took her when groups of brethren gathered together at bedside to worship the Lord and when in the last few hours when she was in and out of consciousness that the only words they heard from her were "praise God!" and "hallelujah!" were all a testimony of God bearing witness to His child. Pastor Carter Conlon shared a word about how it must be when she came before the presence of God, surrounded by a cloud of heavenly hosts who are shouting and rejoicing and all of heaven's attention is singularly focused on her. I and I'm sure most if not all of us were so caught up with the thought of seeing Jesus.

Keep on walking. What a wonderful word especially in the light of finally seeing Jesus face to face.

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.
When we all see Jesus....

Rey O.

 2015/12/11 10:55Profile

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Greetings Frank

I appreciate you sharing this here with me. I hope you don't mind but I shared your testimony with my son. I believe he found encouragement in your words. Right now he struggles with all the "You should be doing" stuff from the world around him. He struggles with feeling the failure, wanting to accomplish things and deal with situations and people.

Last night he was able to go to a Christmas party with his brother with out myself or my husband being there. To some it might seem a tiny task but for him it was climbing a mountain. As we drove to the destination to drop them off fear began to set in but I just kept reminding him to focus on JESUS and walk with HIM. Even though he was wrestling with fear he got out of the car and went.... I prayed all while he was there and he came home saying it wasn't actually so bad. He talked to a few people and did not feel all in knots the entire time.

Thank you for your prayers
God Bless

 2015/12/11 11:32Profile


Oh MaryJane, what a wonderful answer to prayer. One step at a time as the layers of fear are stripped away, praise God. Of course I do not mind at all you sharing with him. I have a cousin, a wonderful Christian man of 38 who suffered severe anxiety. He shared with me that when he was at his worse, just to go to the Post Office and back was a monumental struggle. Of course he could not work.

I persuaded him, through the Holy Spirit to come to America and stay with me for a few months. He agreed, bought the ticket but at the last moment backed out. It was a serious setback, but the main thing was to deal with his own self condemnation. There was a very fine line between exhorting him and encouraging him and telling him to stand up and move forward, and loving him and being patient with him and seeing him the way the Lord saw him. Well, a year and a half later he came to the States and stayed with me for three months. He hired a car and visited a mutual friend of ours, dear brother Alan in Canada. He drove down to Oklahoma and visited brother Brian and other saints down there. I can now report that he has been back working at his profession, one of the main sources of anxiety, for well over a year now, he is a town planner. God is good and He is faithful and above all He is patient and kind.

When dealing with anyone as Christians, it is so important to be led by the Spirit, He alone knows. May this victory in your son's life lead to another and another and to God be the glory!!! ..............bro Frank

 2015/12/11 14:03


Bro Rey writes..........

"the only words they heard from her were "praise God!" and "hallelujah!" were all a testimony of God bearing witness to His child"

Amen brother, amen. Oh that we would all leave this world praising God with whatever strength we have. This walk that we are on leads us home to Jesus, praise God.....bro Frank

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.When we all see Jesus.... we will sing and we will shout the victory!!!!

 2015/12/11 14:07

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