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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : N. Korea says steps taken to boost nuke arsenal

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 N. Korea says steps taken to boost nuke arsenal


SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea said Wednesday it has completed removing spent fuel rods from an atomic reactor, enabling it to harvest more weapons-grade plutonium. It was the communist state’s latest provocation amid deadlocked talks over Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said the country had “successfully finished” removing 8,000 fuel rods from the reactor at its Yongbyon complex, which was shut down last month, so it can “bolster its nuclear arsenal.”

North Korea kicked out international nuclear inspectors in late 2002, making it impossible to verify the claim.

While experts previously said an earlier batch of 8,000 rods could yield enough plutonium for five to eight bombs, South Korean media reported the current batch would likely yield material for only a couple of bombs because of the shorter time it was inside the reactor. To get the plutonium, the rods would need to cool and then be reprocessed, which takes months.

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 Re: N. Korea says steps taken to boost nuke arsenal

This is not meant to be argumentative, but to ask this question, what is the truth. I posted this particular article in the thread, These are evil days.

Pakistan, not North Korea, sold nuclear material to Libya, intelligence shows

By Dafna Linzer
The Washington Post

In an effort to increase pressure on North Korea, the Bush Administration told its Asian allies in briefings earlier this year that Pyongyang had exported nuclear material to Libya. That was a significant new charge, the first allegation that North Korea was helping to create a new nuclear weapon state.

But that is not what U.S. intelligence reported, according to two officials with detailed knowledge of the transaction. North Korea, according to intelligence had supplied uranium hexafluoride-which can be enriched to weapon-grade uranium—to Pakistan. It was Pakistan, a key U. S. ally with its own nuclear arsenal, that sold the material to Libya. The U.S. government had no evidence, the officials said, that North Korea knew of the second transaction.

Pakistan’s role as both the buyer and the seller was concealed to cover up the part played by Washington’s partner in the hunt for al-Qaida leaders, according to the officials, who discussed the issue on the condition of anonymity. In addition, a North Korea-Pakistan transfer would not have been news to the U.S. allies, which have known of such transfers for years and viewed them as a business matter between sovereign states.

The Bush administration’s approach, intended to isolate North Korea, instead left allies increasingly doubtful as they began to learn that the briefings omitted essential details about the transaction, U.S. officials and foreign diplomats said interviews. North Korea responded to public reports last month about the briefings by withdrawing for talks with its neighbors and the United States……

Do you remember last month when all we were told is that North Korea behaves as a rogue nation and that they are a threat to the free world. My question is, why do our leaders lie? What is their real motive for such actions?

Psa. 101:7 He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house;
He who tells lies shall not continue in my presence.

In the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars. Iran and North Korea are on the hit list.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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 Re: N. Korea says steps taken to boost nuke arsenal

Here's a link to FCNL information on North Korea


 2005/5/13 10:52

 Re: N. Korea says steps taken to boost nuke arsenal

The West is far stupid than we think, they are the one's supplying aid to that country. And we are the ones boosting that program.

The man that sold nuclear technology to N.Korea what kind of monetary compensation did he get from the N.Koreans? Their money has no value in other countries accept thier own and even that is questionable.

We also boost China's economy by doing business with her, or politcally speaking, appeasing her.

It is absolutely mind boggling as to how these deals are made with countries that support child labour and very low income brackets for work that our labour laws consider against the law.

The West are hypocrites! :-x

 2005/5/13 11:56

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