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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Going to pot? Canada leads way in legalizing marijuana

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Going to pot? Canada leads way in legalizing marijuana

It's going to be legalized, in Canada and in the not-so-near or near future here in the US. It'll just be one more thing preachers can preach against. I used to be a huge partaker of it before I got converted and I never passed out from smoking too much of it (like I did when I drank too much alcohol).

Actually, when it's legalized, I see it being more of personal spiritual battle. For years, Christians have agonized over drinking, wine or liquor, a glass a day or a week, etc.

If and when pot becomes legal, Christians will agonize over should I or shouldn't I, a half a joint a day or one a day, or a week!! What can I do and still go to heaven!!!?? The same question they have asked for centuries.

It does not matter what our country legalizes, Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

My two cents!!! :) :) :)


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It is easy to get down to cases and show how drugs are bad. The kids who are forced to live in homes with meth being cooked, for example. The ghastliness of it shuts the mouths of anyone inclined to oppose the "war on drugs".

But, the war is not working. Even the warrior-police will tell you that with all of their resources and manpower they are not even scratching the surface. Oh, the figure head elected officials will brag at every bust about how so much less heroin or meth or spice or cocaine etc is loose on the streets, and they will say they made a dent in supply. But, they know they are being less than honest about the magnitude of the benefit of their work. Their careers depend on the problem and also on being able to appear to make progress against it on one side, and ignorance of the oublic about the extent of drug use on the other. The war has failed.

The wake of it is a more than one generation of people raised with an expectation of doing time. Generations of convicted felons and the burdens of that baggage: banned from public housing, no education, no job prospects, forced into poverty because felons do not get hired easily unless they had a really good work history and training and skill before their convictions. Drug laws create societal welfare dependency across generations. They excel in building hopelessness and long term less public safety rather than more public safety.

But, a lot of people in government and government contractors thrive on the demand for their services the drug war creates. This is why I do not see drug legalization happening. The drug war is a boon for jobs and a slush fund for political favors. It is the EASIEST sale to make to the public, too. It, itself, is the perfect.....well....crime.

Having said that, it is really a good thing that we know this. Not to fight it. But to pray. The tentacles of government, the depth of the domestic intelligence apparatus, are feeding on the drug war to advance the scope of immanent government. In short, it is a tactic of the time of the end. We should not be ignorant of Satan's devices. And, now, we are not. We know. Not so we can vote or protest or write a congressman, but so we can prepare ourselves for what is at the door.


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My question of whether God created cannabis, poppies and the coca plant was not intended as an endorsement for goodness sake.

Some Christians might argue that God did not create them initially and that they were a result of the fall. I personally don't think that was the case but who knows.

If God did create them initially then the Bible says they were "good." One might legitimately ask why; but I am sure it was not so people could get stoned.


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Because of the fall, man has learned how to substitute many things in place of true joy, peace and righteousness in Christ. What ends up happening is men find new ways of abusing themselves. Satan is the true abuser of men causing them to misuse their humanity. Jesus straightens all of that out (if we listen to Him) as He does not misuse and abuse men.

The world will continue on its course and the Lord will continue on His, calling men to Himself. Some hear and some don't.

With what has happened in the world the last 20 years, nothing surprises me anymore. I fully expect a transgender pastor or bishop to announce from the pulpit some day Bible study and prayer meeting on Wednesday night, BYOP - (Bring your own pot and they will say it enhances prayer and personal revelation. Someone I looked up to actually told me that)

 2015/12/10 9:29


I am happy for Canada because marijuana is really effective in fighting many disorders and my chronic insomnia. Last year I tried this medicine for the first time and I am still happy with this decision because now I fall asleep much easier and faster

 2021/1/19 10:24

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CarolineMay, Canada (my country) legalized recreational use of cannabis. That has nothing to do with medicinal use. The Bible calls drug use witchcraft (pharmakeia in Greek). It opens you up to demonic spiritual influence and inhibits your cognitive faculties. Drug use is strictly forbidden to christians.

I am not against medicine, but I am very skeptical about the medicinal use of marijuana. You should immediately stop using marijuana, ask God's forgiveness and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit. He can give you peace that far surpasses what any drug can do.

"It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep." Psalm 127:2

Nigel Holland

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