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 Paul to the Thessalonians

“...And so we’re continually thankful that when you heard us proclaim the Word of God, you accepted it, not as a mere human message, but as it really is—God’s Word, an energetic and effective power in the lives of you who believe.” —Paul to the Thessalonians

If you ever have questioned the need of implanting the Word of God in your heart, then here you have the answer by the testimony of an apostle. The Word of God is meant to be an effective and powerful seed in your life that can energize you to UNIMAGINABLE HEIGHTS ... As you commune with Him over that seed, not as a cerebral exercise, but as a life-giving seed from the Father, it will bring you Life. If you plant that seed in your heart, and protect it, and cry out to the Lord of the Harvest to give increase to it, then it becomes a powerful and energetic source of Life. The Word of God is not just a code of ethics. If you are in communion with God and are not just participating in some mental exercise, then there is LIFE in the Word of God!...


GOD has really been giving me a renewed desire to be in HIS WORD and spending time with HIM. As I read this it just really touched my heart, how true it is.

God bless

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