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 Are we being driven by fear and paranoia???

I just saw an account in USA Today where a woman from Syria was afraid to walk out of her house. If she was still in Syria I could understand her fear. But the woman was here in America. She said she was afraid to step out of her house because of the Americans. She evidently was afraid that her American neighbors would do her harm.

The woman was a Muslim. She was not a jihadist. But she was one having fled with her family from Syria seeking refuge in the United States.
Yet finding refuge in this country in July she lives in fear of what her neighbors will do to her. She says I am not a terrorist. Many of those with families who are fleeing are saying they are not terrorist. Yes we seem to be giving in to fear and paranoia of thinking that every refugee who comes into this country is a jihadist.

After reading this account. I thiught. Dear Jesus what have we come to. Has our fear replaced the perfect love of Christ that we should be living out.

One wonders.......


 2015/11/19 13:10

 Re: Are we being driven by fear and paranoia???

Here is an email I just received which was forwarded to me. It was written by Al Cuppett and the person that sent it to me did not include the video. Is this an example of a modern day Crusader? Quoted below and pieced together: "Bible believing gun owners will saturate the soil of our beloved homeland of America with the blood of all enemies."

Bear, many in the Church are being driven by fear and paranoia and self-preservation willing to kill others. Unbelievable! But there are many who believe this way.

Note: The only beloved homeland I have is Jerusalem above. Lord Jesus help us to walk as you walked.

From AL Cuppett:

"Everything this video shows... The Father has been showing, in increasing & definitive details since 1987. At that time...I was laughed at, mocked, & told I was delusional & hyper paranoid. Now, those same people, groups, organizations, etc., are not laughing, mocking, & accusing me of being delusional & hyper paranoid; rather asking, "What has/is The Father showing you now?"

My response, "Go ask The Father yourself! You would not accept, receive, nor believe initially, so why should you do so now?"

What is coming...this video only portrays a very minute example of the living horrors about to befall the entire Western World & Civilization!!

Civil War, dissolution of society, law & order, race war, economic collapse steaming from the aforementioned, will turn our beloved homeland of America into a third world shambles, survival of the fittest, savage laws of the jungle will be & become the prevailing forces.

Even now, state governors are beginning to buck this insanity; which Obama; Lynch & her appointed, treasonist, Muslim Jihad-ist, embedded inside of America's most sensitive agencies, departments, & security apparatuses; will use the Constitutional States Rights, as provided within the Constitution Of The United States Of America, as grounds to declare & Institute Marshall Law...that is a defacto declaration of war against the American people, The Constitution Of The United States Of America, The Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, The Federalist Papers, & initiate a totalitarian state, the brutal & barbaric likes of which the world has never witnessed heretofore.


The death toll of each of those mentioned above will be unimaginable. They started this insanity...& the Bible believing, gun owners, those who love freedom, who will not accept the United Surveillance Socialist Society States Of America concept, will saturate the soil of America with the blood of all enemies...both foreign & domestic.

This is what The Father began showing as far back as the early 1960's, & has continued to reveal unto this moment in time. THE TIME HAS COME FOR OUR PRECIOUS AMERICA...REPENT OR PERISH!! "

 2015/11/19 13:53


Agreed brother. I'm afraid sanity has left the body of Christ. It is one thing for unbelievers to act this way. But when those who profess Christ want to pick up guns to defend themselves. Even to do violence against one's neighbor who is not a white anglo-saxon Protestant. One has to wonder???

A sister told me this morning she had to pull stuff off her Facebook page related to the refugees. When she indicated that the refugees would be an opportunity for harvest. The attacks got pretty vicious in their comments on her page. I might add that most of these attacks came from Christians.

Is it possible that we are idolizing the United States of America. Is it possible that we are more concerned with saving the Republic then saving souls. Again one has to wonder???

Julian my brother be prepared. For as times grow darker we will see more of this insanity come forth.

 2015/11/19 14:06

 Re: Are we being driven by fear and paranoia???

I have have to correct myself regarding the USA article. I thought the woman the article was referring to was a Muslim. But the article leads me to believe that she is a Christian. Or one of the cultural Christians out of Syria. These are the ones that Ted Cruz wants to let into the country only. This is a person who is living in fear.

Again one wonders.......

 2015/11/19 14:09


Bear, we should not be engaging in idolatry of any nation. Look what it leads "Christians" to become. In this regard, I see dark days ahead, not so much about the world, but about those who name the name of Christ. The world pales in comparison to how wicked the religious system is and always has been.

 2015/11/19 14:11


Brother I think I am more concerned abiut the Anerican Christians then the Syrian Muslim.

 2015/11/19 14:24


I am concerned about the Church's attitude and conduct to everything that is happening and what drives this conduct. Jesus or the world (the Enemy)?

 2015/11/19 15:07


I just read an article in which the archbishop Cannon White was quoted as saying ISIS must be dealt with in a radical way. The radical way he suggested was to destroy them. He was not speaking spiritually. The Catholic Church is also in favor of military action to destroy ISIS. I think here is an example of fear and paranoia driving to church.

If I remember correctly I believe God said vengeance is mine and I will repay. If I also remember correctly. Jesus said we are to love our enemies. Truly Solomon was right when he said there is an insanity that runs with in the hearts of the sons of men. I am afraid there's insanity that is running within that which we call at church.

 2015/11/19 17:30


I have become increasingly wary of government controlled (at least heavily influenced) news media, various military industrial complexes, spy agencies of various countries, the world's biggest banks, pharmaceuticals and the Global Warming crowd. What can you really believe is real today? With all the false flags that have been exposed most people do not believe what the news is feeding them anymore.

Now, we are being told all over YouTube that Paris was a false flag. Not that people didn't die, but that it was orchestrated somehow.

The world is crazy and going off the deep end and human life means nothing as long as the NWO "agenda" is achieved.

I'm not paranoid, I just know that all I can really believe is the Word of God.

 2015/11/19 18:27


I just read that Congress has passed more controls over refugees coming into this nation. So we should breathe a sigh of relief and feel safe.

My question, who will keep us safe from Congress?

 2015/11/20 16:48

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