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 Coincidence or Something More.......

Saints two things come up regarding Paris. Please tell me if you think this is mere coincidence. Or something more sinister and evil here.

The first thing is the attacks took place on Friday the 13th of this month. I understand this is a high holy day. Or if I were to be punny a high unholy day in the satanic religion. Now why would the terrorists choose this day to launch their attacks???

The second thing to note concerns the attack on the music theater. At the time of the attack a heavy metal band was playing in the theater. The band is called Death by Metal. At the time the terrorists opened fire on those in the theater. The band was playing Kiss the Devil. Is this mere coincidence? Or can something more be drawn from this?



 2015/11/17 7:07

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 Re: Coincidence or Something More.......

Per the NY Times, the concert hall where the attack happened has also hosted many Jewish fundraisers. The article also said that the attack organizer had previously indicated he wanted to go after a concert hall.

My guess is they were just looking for easy soft targets where a concentrated group of unarmed persons could be killed or injured in the most efficient way possible. Think about all the lines that will be forming outside of stores here on Black Friday.

But I agree that the attacks were sinister and demonic.


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