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 Exodus musings

My audio car listening has progressed to Exodus.

1). There is a lot in the classic Ten Commandments movie that is not in the Bible -- not even "so let it be written, so let it be done."
2). God hardened Pharoah's heart then punished him for hardening his heart. I guess this is another one of those things I don't have to understand.
3). Were the Egyptian magicians using magic tricks or demonic dark sorcery when duplicating the miracles of Moses?
4) Jannes and Jambres aren't mentioned by name by Moses but they are by Paul.
5). People were pretty tough back then. There is the verse that says if a slave wants to stay a slave beyond the allowed time he would have his ear placed against a doorpost and pierced with an awl. Of course there are plenty of strange piercings today.
6) how did zipporah know how to circumcise her son with a flint knife? (The prevailing theory seems to be that she did not not want it done, and meek Moses put it off, which is why God was seeking to kill him). So if it was not the custom of her people how did she know what to do.
7). Why did the bull that gored someone have to be stoned to death?


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