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 "Stand with Israel"

since light has no fellowship with darkness, I refuse to address anyone God the Holy Spirit instructs me not to, as I refer/fear God

certain men from among us have accused the only other man I know, who is a Jew that follows Jesus, of being of the "Hebraic Roots movement", and that is Dr. Michael Brown.

this is a lie direct from the pit of hell, as I also don't follow such "movements".

Now, when a man or men lie to the Body of believers, about a man used so profitably of and BY God, the lie reveals much, because who is the author of ALL lies?

what follows is very clear plain spoken message from brother Mike, entitled "Stand with Israel"

a very clear concise message, and my prayer is this, time is short, the NEED, the CALL for God to come down in REVIVAL is of the utmost importance, humbly I submit to you brethren, that DIRE NEED should be first and foremost the ONUS of this website.

anything else? unprofitable, unwanted, unneeded, and clear diversions from the mission God has pointed me on, and though I cant speak for him, I believe that is brother Greg's burden, after all, the dear man has labored for 13 LONG years in this ministry, where underneath the title "Sermonindex", we read "Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival."

If we loose sight and focus of that burden, may God deal with us ever so severely, neil

 2015/11/2 12:07

 Re: "Stand with Israel"

For some reason you failed to quote me, Neil.

Re: - posted by Julius21 (), on: 2015/10/27 14:15
And I hope there is no connection at all with the HRM movement's agenda.

Also, in context more quotes.

Re: heydave - posted by proudpapa, on: 2015/10/27 14:23
I understand that many of those whom will admitt to promoting the Jewish roots movement will deny being HRM, from what I recall researching in the past there is not a clear line that distinguishes the two from each other.

But I relieze that many would say that being labled HRM is mislabeling but I do not believe any of them would be offended by being labeled "Jewish roots" so I correctly used the term "Jewish roots"
There main goal (however extreme or less extreme) seems and can be summerized by elshaddai ministries statement and that is "to fight replacement theology by restoring the Jewishness of Yeshua"

What they mean by "replacement theology" is that view that we have recorded by almost all christians up untill the 19th century concerning this issue. And that is why they are smearing christianity has a whole.

In response to proudpapa:
Re: - posted by Julius21 (), on: 2015/10/27 15:02
I think Jewish Roots is a better term to use, too PP.

 2015/11/2 12:19

 Re: "Stand with Israel"

Good word brother Neil, It's true. Truth is often trampled in the streets.

JPS Tanakh 1917
And justice is turned away backward, And righteousness standeth afar off; For truth hath stumbled in the broad place, And uprightness cannot enter.

 2015/11/2 12:49


did you listen to this at all?....and really HEAR what a Jew who follows Jesus testifies?....yes? no?...indifferent?

 2015/11/2 15:25

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 Re: "Stand with Israel"

So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.

 2015/11/2 17:21Profile


Tremendous message by Dr Brown

 2015/11/2 19:48

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