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 "In My Mothers Womb" (have we forgotten the terrible sin of abortion?)

Brothers and sisters,
I KNOW in the LORD, we have not forgotten this MOST HIDEOUS sin, and hear me! God has not forgotten this most terrible national sin, 50 million dead in this nation, and if we think God isn't brimming with FURIOUS anger over this hellish national sin, then we are just deluding our selves, and again I don't think the saints here, believe that this nation will escape the such judgment for this wickedness, which is why i'm so adamant and laser focused on begging the Lord for revival, because I fear God, not a witless trembling fear, but I know, I can feel in the Spirit His rumbling anger at this nation, which has been so blessed, engaging in such MURDER, so that people can satiate their lusts, and just sweep away precious souls, as if they were taking "out the trash".....and they call that "choice"?!?

CHOICE?!?......America, how shall your "choice" come?

Would you prefer FIRE?....maybe nuclear fire, as there are many many slim nuclear missiles silently waiting in silo's or deep in the depths of the ocean....Jesus did say, "Everyone will be salted with Fire"......interpet that how you may.....or shall he demolish the golden calf we have erected in many guises across the land?....its already happening, witness how wobbly the "economies" of the world have become.

That's why we cut this comp, "In My Mothers Womb"

maybe get on your knees while you listen, and feel the Fathers Heart, see those precious the flesh, beloved in Heaven...and weep.

We NEED Revival!!!! hear me!!! (i'm not shouting at any saint here, i'm just getting desperate in the LORD)

broken, neil

 2015/11/2 5:09

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 Re: "In My Mothers Womb" (have we forgotten the terrible sin of abortion?)

Greetings Neil

We do indeed need to be in prayer. The most precious among us are being cast aside as you said. It is heart breaking and I believe it grieves the LORD deeply.

So much of this generation is focused on self and pleasing self. They can not see the destruction that awaits them if they continue on in rebellion. I pray for the lost, time is short and they have such need for KING JESUS even if they can not see it. I pray for people to see JESUS, to repent of their sins, to turn from their rebellion and take up their cross daily. I pray that hearts will be softened before the LORD so that they will finally see reality as it truly is. This life is fleeting, it passes away in a blink of an eye but eternity never ends...Oh that they would see and repent!!

God bless you brother

 2015/11/2 10:43Profile

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