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 my beloved brother Carmine (Rev Enue)

my precious brother Carmine, how I have missed you!

when you can, and if you want, could you email me, so we can communicate privately? a Jew who follows Jesus, you KNOW exactly how I feel.

I have this PRESSING and burning burden to gather saints to engage in sold out, tear soaked travailing prayer, imploring our Beautiful and Majestic Lord to pour down His Waters on this dry and thirsty land for a REVIVAL, so that many will be saved.....time is so short.....if and before you email me, my dear Carmine, please listen to this compilation God gave me in 2003, when Him and I edited it late one silent and still night, fore this in the comp, is the kind of testimony and things we should be thinking about....I believe this comp, "Young Donald McPhail Prays", will fill you and thrill you, in the Holy Ghost....i'm going to listen to it now too:

imagine God putting us all in the Glorious Reality of Revival?....precious souls, en masse, being brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus by the Sovereignty of God's love and mercy!!!!!!.....but first we pray, I love you with all my spirit and heart, neil

 2015/10/31 8:24

 Re: my beloved brother Carmine (Rev Enue)


I was thinking about you and how you were doing the last few weeks.
Looked you up and could not locate you except for a picture of you at some
prison reunion. Did you ever get out?

God bless you!

you can reach me at [email protected] eh?

I will listen to the Link, Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Was the speaker Duncan Campbell?
I know personally a man who knew him.
His name is John Moore, He wrote the hymn "burdens were lifted at Calvary"
Excellent man of God, Clear through and through and experienced some of what
the speaker in the audio said. He brought a little of this to us last Thursday at a mens bible class at a local church in Toronto, Incredible.

 2015/10/31 12:04

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