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And we have some in our House Church, too are very strong dispensationalists. Very dear, loving brothers. This subject never comes up because we are all focusing on Christ. A forum designed to search out the truth on critical and controversial issues is the place to bring these things up and of course, we should still endeavor to walk in peace.

This comment is key. I too experienced the influence of dispensationalism, but as long as Christ and scripture was the center, the false teaching didn't take precedence. I'm convinced that we all have some degree of distorted assumptions in our thinking, and their effects can be minimalized by our efforts to develop good thinking, critical judgment, constant careful examination of scripture, and above all, love.

The lesson we can learn from those days of dispensationalism fever is that we must guard against an over-reliance on man's interpretation of scripture - and take responsibility for our faith growth.


 2015/10/31 7:35Profile


Yes, Diane. If Christ does not have the preeminence in our hearts we will "bite and devour one another".

"Love covers a multitude of sins".

With that said, it can be edifying and instructive to discuss important matters with mature brethren, but not all can handle controversial topics in a spirit of unity and we must be able to discern this in our fellowships.

There are probably some in my fellowship that I could have this discussion with, because they love Christ and the brethren so much. They are very mature (meaning full of the love of Jesus and they have a love for the truth over and above their personal opinions).

 2015/10/31 14:11

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