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 Mister Bill!

dear brother.....I WOULD say "glad to be back", but to my utter shock and dismay, its seems we have some people with unrelenting AGENDA peppering almost every new thread with their vitriol and venom, instead of what God has tasked us to do, and that is to seek revival in North America.

and as you know dear Bill, I am a Jew who follows Jesus, no man preached a WORD to me when God revealed His Son to me and IN me, you know my testimony.....yet when I read these incessant postings, full of wickedness and lies, I discern a spirit foul and deep, however I would not waste ONE KEYSTROKE responding to these people.

so if I was to say, "blessed to be back"....ummm, i'm just sitting on the fence now, and will say no more, because I am grieved beyond words.

God love you, Hebrew Yonatan.

 2015/10/31 17:21

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 Brother Neil - Welcome Back!

Brother Neil, it is so good to see you back. It warms my heart in a good way. I have not posted in a very long time but I had to when I saw that you were back. I have missed you and your exhortations and intense and open love for our Lord. You were missed. We 'need' you here! Wayne

 2015/10/31 19:11Profile

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 Re: Brother Neil - Welcome Back!

Hey Brother Neil, you know me, I just love all people, that's what I'm instructed to do, so I'm never temped to get to caught up in these type threads. What the word say, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, I have a good heart, so I try to speak good, but sometimes I still fall. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.- Ephesians 4:31-32(NIV)
Love Ya!
Brother Bill


 2015/10/31 20:02Profile

 Re: Brother Neil - Welcome Back!

My dear brother Wayne,
please forgive the lapse of time when you sent this message of love to me, and the time in which I answered it, God has blessed me so much by hiding me away in a veritable "Kerith Ravine". I live in the Upper Midwest, in a sparsely populated county, alone in the most wonderful surroundings, alone in the human sense, on a lonely windswept ranch, that He gave me, and I have had much time to commune with Our Father. We heard of the Desert Hermits in Christ, maybe I be of the woodland hermit.......

But I tell you this, when I read your loving message to me, the Holy Spirit just POPPED this precious Portion of Scripture into my heart:

"For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, both yours and mine." Romans 1:11-12

I love that testimony and prophesy(forthtelling) of Paul's so much, because what it is saying to me via the Comforter, is that we NEED EACH OTHER....our mutual Faith, and Love, encourage each other...and God willing fan into flames, our mutual desire for revival.

God KNOWS we need it so so desperately, and how we incline God's ear is thru travailing, wrenching, grieving tear soaked prayer.....anything that stands in the way of this ministry of prayer, WILL be swept aside by God, I speak the truth in Christ, because any confusion, any division, any diversion from this most precious ministry, whose objective is that God come down and saturate the very atmosphere, and confict poor sinners where they ARE.....these dark hearted and vain men will be swept away.

on one hand, you honor MORE than I ever deserve, with "we 'need' you", but at the same time, as I know the Holy Spirit dwell IN you, I take that as a Call and a Word for me, weak as I am in body, but strong as I can be, ONLY by the Indwelling Holy that when you wrote that, instead of SELF exaltation, (banish that thought!!!) you drive me to my knees, and I hear these Words, "we need more tears!!!!"

in that vein, help me, and let us reason and pray, how we all, who are in Messiah Jesus, can join in concerted "wet" and yes, intense, passionate, authentic prayer that will ascend to the Throne, humbly begging our Lord for a nationwide do we walk that out, considering the distances?

How I love you dear brother Wayne, for you brace these weak knees of mine.....and I pray this second, while you sleep (its 3AM up here) that the LORD caress and ravish your spirit, with all the good and pure and true Things in Christ Jesus...while you sleep....Isnt Jesus wonderful? God love you, neil

 2015/11/2 4:05

 sister Lisa

I pray you read what I wrote to our brother Wayne, precious sister of mine, God LOVE you ever so richly.......

I know you agree with me, in that we should strike out now to cross the River Jordan of prayer for a real revival, its a ministry of tears, of travail. as God the Holy Spirit has instructed me, we cannot let anything stand in the way of this ministry....I don't mean to come across as "heavy"!

you know my spirit....when I think and ponder of some of our forerunners, say Evan Roberts, who in those Welsh pulpits of 1904, would be practically doubled over weeping piteously, crying out, "BEND THE CHURCH! SAVE THE WORLD!!"....when I think of this dear saint, I am awed and humbled, that the Holy Spirit can grab a soul in such a you feel the same?....and that's NOT a straw dog question......just the footsteps of my heart.

Revival....more than ever!!!! I love you in the Lord, your brother, neil

 2015/11/2 4:17

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