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 i love you all in my love and Messiah Jesus' Love

My name is Neil, and i'm a Jewish follower of Jesus.

some of the dear saints already "know" me here, and I say I love you....dearly. To the saints that don't know me here, I say I love you, sight unseen, dearly.

My dear brother Greg, I have "been with" almost since this precious gift from God, Sermonindex was given to us in 2002,(I had nothing to do with the formation of this blessing, I just grabbed a cord of Grace and held on, but in so many ways, my precious brother and i "grew up" together in Jesus) Bless the Name above all Names, for this redeemed portion of the internet.

i'm happy in the Holy Spirit to be back, and my most pressing burden is to pray, and beg and implore God to send us in North America, REVIVAL. So that MANY will be brought into the Arms of Jesus, justified, sanctified, and baptized in the Holy this I have not lost Hope, not lost Faith, fore if I lose Faith, I have lost everything, and our God, our Father is True to His Word...."If My People...."

on a side note, i'm tired, and hungry, thinking of a roast beef sandwich, or a pot pie and beef stew./.....i don't mean to be irreverent, or flippant, i'm just physically hungry, but when i do prepare and eat my dinner (1040 at night!) i think of those who go to bed hungry...or hurt, maybe empty of soul or joy....and i am full of both sorrow and gratitude.....full of sorrow?....pray......full of gratitude?.....give thanks, pray, and i talk to God.

God love you all, i sure do, neil

 2015/10/29 23:43

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 Re: i love you all in my love and Messiah Jesus' Love

Greetings Neil

Welcome back. Much love for you too brother. I will join you in prayer for those who are lost. May GOD open their eyes to see their great and desperate need for HIM. May JESUS be glorified and lifted up.

God bless

 2015/10/30 0:07Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: i love you all in my love and Messiah Jesus' Love

Glad you are back dear brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2015/10/30 0:57Profile

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Hampshire, UK


Good to see you back hear Neil. I loved to hear your love and passion for Jesus and His people.
Just remember that at times things still get a little fractious and we still get some agendas being pushed...just hold your breath and keep cool brother!


 2015/10/30 4:50Profile

 Precious brother Dave

God love you for that dear welcome back!

Oi! oh my brother, I have much to say, not in regards this current diversion, but to the burning burden in my heart, which is saints, dead to self saints gathered in Holy Ghost prayer, begging God for revival, so that none may perish....Revival in North America....oh no! not excluding the UK, where I have many friends and the fondest of memories (I could go for some fish and chips this second)....but the Lord has but a fire in my bones, and time is short, as a Jew who follows KNOW how I feel.....I love you mate....errr, my brother! yours, neil

 2015/10/31 7:56

 Dearest sister MJ

the night I read your welcome, I spent an hour writing back on this forum to you, a post FILLED with much testimony.....and then I hit post....and I was logged out, the post was lost ......oh my.....I sat there stunned, it was almost midnight, at first I thought, was this the enemy at work?.....but the God the Holy Spirit indicated it was Him, because I was SO ON FIRE, he told "easy....slow".

I love you with my spirit and Jesus Spirit, you are precious, neil

 2015/10/31 8:05

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: i love you all in my love and Messiah Jesus' Love

Welcome back Neil!!!

God bless you!!


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 Re: Dearest sister MJ

because I was SO ON FIRE

Welcome back Neil. I have always appreciated the "fire" in your posts. May the Lord give each of us more of a burning zeal for His glory in these days, a zeal that is according to knowledge.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

 2015/10/31 11:50Profile

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Northern Idaho

 Re: i love you all in my love and Messiah Jesus' Love

Welcome back Neil.

You have been missed.

 2015/10/31 13:56Profile

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Welcome back Neil! Mr. Bill always appreciates your forcing this old country boy to sharpen up on his reading skills. :-)


 2015/10/31 13:59Profile

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