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 Re: For Oracio

If I may, I’d like to reiterate what proudpapa already pointed out, namely, that the first two recent threads on this topic were started by docs and Heydave to challenge our view, docs’s thread being seemingly intended for civil discussion (though he does seem to have very strong convictions against our position), and Heydave’s being intended to paint our position as anti-Semitic. From there on more threads were started on this topic which I agree was overboard.

Doc: In my very first post and questions ("A Sincere Question About The One New Man and Covenants Made With Israel") I was not trying to challenge your view or "our" view. I didn't even know what your view was or what the views of others who participated were. I had no idea. I was just trying to ask a question and look for some dialog. I asked "what is your reasoning" for your belief on this issue but the question was addressed to everyone and anyone and no one in particular. We had a bit of discussion but even then it seemed my main question was already getting lost in the mix but that is a common occurence on forums. But anyway, I was not challenging any one's view because I didn't know what anyone believed on the issue. I was more or less asking questions.

That's all. No problem. I just wanted to clarify.

David Winter

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Understood Doc. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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