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 Quotes and Comments of "Covenant and Controversy Part One: The Great Rage

Quotes some passages in Zech 12 and asks, "why do all the nations of the world want to attack Jerusalem?"

Talks about anti-zionism proliferating after Israel became a nation again.

"All anti-semites are anti-zionist"

Mentions that conspiracy theories are proliferating about Israel being an aggressive, imperialistic force wanting to take over the world and slowly expanding their lands

Mentions the book, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Says Henry Ford paid for and bought 500,000.00 worth of this publication as he saw it as fact. 1903 - Publication revealed plan by the Jews (council of elders) to take over the world by economics, financial institutions, etc. etc. Propaganda used against the

Jewish people. 1933 it was being taught in German schools as fact!

Says the book is a fabrication made by someone else that there is a secret Jew World Order developing. "Jewish Zionists to take over the world."

"Greatest lie of Anti-semitism is that the Jews are highly organized and conspiring to take over the world. No such thing. They were caught by surprise by the 3rd Reich. They had no idea what was going to happen in Germany, happened. They had no information service, no mode of communications and were taken completely by surprise."

"The reestablishment of the state of Israel has provided perfect cover for Anti-semites to continue their anti-semitism."

"Many think that the Jews are trying to rule the world in a deceptive and evil way."

They are not saying that any criticism of Israel is anti-semitic or anti-Zionist and that Israel should not be criticized at all.

"But look at the evidence. More joint resolutions from the U.N. against the tiny state of Israel than any other nation in the world."

"Racism in the United Nations."

"Most nations treated the Jews in their nation as if they cannot live in their midst. Then the Jews find their own homeland, but the anti-semitism continues now as anti-Zionism. Their true hearts are revealed in that they don't want Israel to exist at all."

"History tells us this, that whether they are in their lands or out of their lands, the nations of the world still loathe their existence."

My comment: 2nd Chapter cuts away to Krakow, Poland showing the inside of a religious "Christian" Cathedral (maybe Catholic). Looked like Jesus was on a big cross at the front of the Cathedral so it was a Catholic church. The narrator opens with this remark:

""We can't emphasize too much the ethical issue which is involved with the issue of the treatment of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel by the "CHRISTIAN" church. Do you understand this is not just for academics, we are not dealing with just some historical matter to consider and move on? No, we are dealing with that which should cause tears to come to our eyes, and we should wonder, how could the CHURCH ever do such a thing, how could it be so mean, how could it be so degrading and the reason of course is this, you don't get bad fruit from a good tree, you don't get good fruit from a bad tree. You only get good fruit from a good tree"

My comment: Not sure if they are trying to distinguish False Christianity from True Christianity or just saying Gentile Christianity is bad fruit, period. They don't seem clear about this.

My comment: The Catholic Church at this time numbered 27 million people and the Protestant church in Poland numbered 800,000+. Why don't they refer to the Catholics as Catholic Church unless they believe they are Christian? So, they are accusing the Christian Church of doing these things.

This was the first time they implied that the CHRISTIAN church that did these things was a false church and not the true church of God but maybe they are But then, they go and say this:

"In the wake of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Nazarene, Abraham's family suffered a great rift. The initial impasse between the CHURCH and the Synagogue that began in the first century remained an historical continuum up to this present day. The fruit of it has never been more evident and destructive than in the days of the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler, in the heart of so-called Christian Europe."

My comment: Again, the Catholic Church gets a complete pass. But, at least they said "so-called" Christian Europe but they do not explain what they mean by that statement.

Mike Brown: "Poland was hit hardest by the holocaust. 3.3 million Jews during the holocaust and 300,000 afterwards. 9 out of 10 polish Jews were slaughtered."

Narrator gives details about Auschwitz.

Finally, Mike Brown says this: "What makes it more unimagineable is that some of the Jew hatred was fueled by the Catholic church". The Catholic Church has played such an important role in the life of the Polish people."

My comment: yeah Mike, the Polish Catholic people, not the Polish Jewish people. He said, "that Jews talk about how after a Sunday sermon the Catholics would be inflamed with rage and go out after the sermon to look for Jews to kill."

My comment: Well, we know this all too well as Christians how the Pope and Cardinals would inflame the "faithful" and then they would go out and kill protestants. Abraham Lincoln was killed by "inflamed" Catholics. The newspapers of Abraham Lincoln's time wrote articles that he used to be a Catholic priest and had left the faith. This inflamed the Catholic "faithful" as they are called. But this is a very well known tactic of the Vatican to inflame their adherents and they always know that their people will take care of the rest (Do exactly what they want done). The Catholic church has worked hard to wipe out all history of any publication that printed the story that Lincoln left the priesthood. But, they created a "mob violence" out of that false accusation.

Catholic "mob violence" is responsible for carrying out many "sermons".

My comment: I do find it astounding, that Mike Brown makes it seem like such a surprise (unimagineable that the Catholic church would do this). He clearly has more sympathy for the Catholic Church than the Christian Church. I personally think this is very revealing and explains why the video has blamed Christians so far. Kind of like, "Christians have been doing this since the 1st century and I just can't believe some of this was fueled by the Catholic Church."

Mike Brown does mention "there were Polish Christians that sought to help Jews but the overwhelming sentiment was one of hostility."

My comment: Implication, "was one of hostility by the Christian Church". Hello Mike, it was by the Catholics!

Unfortunately, this is continuiing in a very chaotic and confusing way as they keep mixing Christianity with Catholicism and good fruit and bad fruit. Mike Brown who is ostensibly a Christian (Messianic Jew) never defines what a Christian is and earlier implied trouble for "Abraham's family" ever since the 1st century. Here, Mike Brown, a Christian is perpetuating the physical bloodline of Jewry as Abraham's family but fails to draw distinctions between Abraham's offspring of the flesh and Abraham's offspring of the spirit.

Remember, Brown said this:
"The initial impasse between the Church and the Synagogue that began in the first century remained an historical continuum up to this present day."

He talks about an impasse and only says "the crucifixion and resurrection of the Nazarene (can't even say Jesus Christ), Abraham's family suffered a great rift." No mention of the Judaizers persecuting the Christians and seeking their death. And no mention that the early Church did not seek out Jews to kill them, but rather, like Stephen who was being stoned by the Jews, asked God to forgive them.

Act 7:60 And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

He makes it seem like the "impasse" since the 1st century was one of hostility from Christians towards Jews. Not accurate at all. Fuzzy movie making.

"Largest population of Jewry at the time of 1939 was in Poland. He talks about how Polish Jews would have had to pass many churches on the way to their execution and during German occupation."

My comment: I think he is expecting the church to have done something, not sure if he wanted them to rise up against the German soldiers and tanks or not. Many protestant Christians were imprisoned and killed along with their pastors (Chaplains).

He does say, "Where was the CHURCH, where were the CHRISTIANS when the Jews were being persecuted throughout history?

Unfortunately, the overwhelming numbers calling themselves Christians (Catholics) were the ones doing the persecuting." But, because some tares in Christian churches persecuted the Jews, the CHRISTIAN CHURCH in this movie is the subject not the Catholic Church.

Different narrator says, "There would be a season where every mass, every worship service, every time the congregation gathered you were witnessing the reality of anti-semitism in your midst being exacted and executed right before your eyes which presses the issue, what would we do, what would we believe when Jewish blood is being shed in our midst?"

Mixing "mass" with "worship service", when clearly the Polish Catholics were the ones engaging in "mob violence".

Perspective of Catholicism in Poland today. When Catholicism is the majority in a country, they "take off the gloves":

Excerpt from this publication:
After all, World War II was a defeat for Polish society including the Protestant minority. In fact, it was only just over 200,000 Church members who survived the German occupation and the post-war situation. Regarded as a symbol of Polish character of the Evangelical Augsburg Church, Bishop Bursche was arrested by Nazis on October 3rd, at the very beginning of war. Having been imprisoned for two years, he finally died in Berlin in February 1942. Bursche left a legacy of some kind. His main concern was the preservation of the Evangelical Church despite the circumstances. Many of the representatives appealed to it in post-war reality. A large number of ministers were imprisoned in concentration camps and jails. Some of those who were killed by the German and Soviet armies were chaplains. The multinational character of Polish Evangelic Churches was proved by series of events that occurred during the Second World War.

Many Evangelicals left their houses uninhabited for over 100 years as German troops began to withdraw. Those who had decided to stay were imprisoned in camps for Germans or became second class citizens for various reasons.

After World War II the Evangelical Church faced the problem of structural and spiritual restoration. The aim of the Communist government was to build a monoethnic state, therefore the dissimilation of all kinds of churches met with its approval. Moreover, there were possibilities of meddling with the life of the Church. Tolerance in Polish People’s Republic became a dead letter.

My comment: Some Statistics I looked up.
Catholics in Poland 1931 - 27,500,000 (87% of the population)
Protestant in Poland 1931 - 835,258 (2.62%% of the Roman Catholic population). .69% of population
Jews - 3,113,933 9.76% of population.

130,000 Protestants in Poland, today.

Barely 100,000 Protestants out of 835,258 survived the 3rd Reich.

35 million Catholics in Poland, today.

Another interesting topic. Many links on the Internet about their goals to take over Jerusalem.
Expose: The Vatican Wants to Lay its Hands on Jerusalem

The Vatican Agenda:
How Does The Vatican View The Legitimacy of Israel's Claims To Jerusalem?

"In the whole of the history of the Christian Church, from Pentecost right up to now, there has been one particular thing that has overwhelmed everything else that CHRISTIANS have done and that is the very, very shameful attitude of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH towards Israel and the Jewish people for over 2,000 years.

My Comment: What "Christian" Church is he talking about now? Never any examples.

They keep using the word Christian and then this story: "Just this past winter we were in Northern Iraq, in Iraqi Kurdistan and I am sitting there with a family of Azziti's who have just fled ISIS, had their family members killed and are living in the mud, in the winter and I am looking at these families and thinking that just a few hundred years ago the Azzitis were Jewish people and instead of ISIS it was CHRISTIANS that were persecuting the Jewish people that were driving them from one nation to another, from one city to another, they were kidnapping Jewish children, forcing them to be baptized and they were confiscating Jewish property. When you take a hard look at the history of CHRISTIAN mistreatment of Jewish people, it is not an unfair comparison (to ISIS?).

The CHRISTIAN Church has blood on their hands!"

"I hope that will awaken you and that you will think very serious about this. It is not a peripheral matter at all. It is a large issue."

My comment: No comments at all in this movie about loving acts of Christians and the Church towards the Jews through the centuries. As if, none exist. And all Christians are anti-semitic.

Satan is clever and knows how to play the "guilt by association" game.

The narrator actually says that CHRISTIANITY was the religion of Hitler who was throwing people in gas chambers while wearing crosses around their necks.

CHRISTIANITY was the religion of the people in the Crusades who were locking people up in synagogues and lighting the synagogues on fire while singing Christ we adore thee. Very few CHRISTIANS are in touch with how overwhelmingly widespread, how brutal, how deep it really goes. To an unsaved Jewish person CHRISTIANITY can mean a lot of things but the sign of the cross is also a sign of Jew hater and Jew persecutor." Cuts away to a cross in a cathedral with Jesus on it, the Latin INRI at the top and a golden chalice, below the cross on the altar - (Clearly Catholic).

My comment: Clearly, by their statements (refusal to identify Rome as the perpetuator of the Crusades, Catholicism as the religion of Hitler, they are just perpetuating the "association by guilt", strategy of Satan. A responsible Christian should be careful to make distinctions. This is not responsible.

Mike Brown talking about his conversion and a local Rabbi giving him a book on Christian Anti-Semitism. "I did not know the history of what CHRISTIANS taught and believed and it was quite a shock." "The things that Christians have torn out of their history books have been memorized by the Jews. Jews don't forget."

My comment: He gives no specifics about this "Christian" book(s).

Mike talks about the scripture regarding the "sins of the fathers being passed down to their generations" and draws a corollation between "Church fathers", people that Christians call the church fathers", says he is "reminded of some great theologians but also something that stands out as diabolical in nature".

My comment: I could also say that Christians don't forget what the Catholics have torn out of their history books, things that were done to Christians (revisionist history). I think, hope Mike knows that the Jesuit arm of the Catholic church are the masters of revisionist history.

Says "in the 2nd century the CHURCH Leaders began to demonize the Jewish people as stiffnecked. Justin Martyr said the Christian church has replaced the Jewish people and is now spiritual Israel." Says that Justin Martyr said the "nation of Israel has no ethnicity, no nationality and no territory."

My comment: People love to refer to so-called church fathers when they want to either blame the church for something or nullify the scriptures. I never use the term Church fathers for this reason and for the reason that if we have to have church fathers, then clearly they were the apostles and writers of the NT.

The Catholic church uses "church fathers", deftly to nullify the Scriptures. They elevate these men as spiritually great men and wonderful theologians and convince people to ascribe to their interpretation of scriptures. In this way, they replace the plain speaking of scripture and the interpretation of the Holy Spirit with men. In this movie, they refer to the church fathers in such a way that they are the authorities in Christian churches and what they believed and did the entire church must have believed and did.

Narrator says, that "if your theology of Israel divests them of their national or ethnic or territorial identity or destiny or covenants you have embraced replacement theology".

"The end result of fulfillment or covenant theology is the same end result of replacement theology, namely that there are no promises that remain for the Jewish people on a national level. It's almost like the Gentile church was envious, it liked the privileges, it took it over and it wanted to hang on to it.

So, in other words, there has been rank identity theft. Without question if there was not a legacy in European church history of anti-judaism and of anti-semitism, the holocaust would not have been able to occur without that history leading up to it."

My comment: He never mentions the identity theft of the word "Christian" and "Church", otherwise he would have to stop using them so liberally and incorrectly. He never mentions the hijacking of Christianity by Rome or the Vatican's hatred for the Jews and grand designs on Jerusalem. In this movie, that is blatantly missing.

They reference Martin Luther's 1543 document concerning the Jews and their lives. "God has essentially dissolved the people. They are no longer a people and then God who wants to disperse the Jews among the nations it is also logical for you as a servant of God to effect that dissolution. And then Christians sought to carry that out on behalf of God. In this document, Luther tells the German princes how to deal with this insufferable burden of the Jewish people.

Their synagogues should be broken down and destroyed. Germans in 1939 did exactly what Martin Luther said."

My comment: Again, guilt by association. Martin Luther only represents those who agree with him, like anyone else. He does not represent the Church of Jesus Christ. No distinction made about this.

So far this is pitting one world religion, falsely called Christianity against a people, the Jews.

I see nothing in here about true Christians wanting to wipe out the Jews. I see the Catholic church all over the place though these narrators of the video fail time and time again to identify them as such. They use the term Christian freely and liberally, every chance they get. You would think at some point as Messianic Jews, believers in Messiah who should know how Satan pits religions against other religions, that they would illustrate the workings of Satan and that true believers in Messiah, do not engage in these things. You would think they would give credit to loving Christians through the centuries, but on the contrary, you are left with thinking the Lord's Body has been hateful, mean and Satanic.

They say "replacement theology" is unbiblical. Well, False Christian religion has definitely become arrogant, no doubt about that. That is why they are false. Stop confusing it with true Believers. Call out the false Christian church, Mike! Just to be fair and unbiased, at least mention it.

Says those "who are arrogant, demonstrating condescension, aggression, hostility towards those who were broken off, could get you broken off." Quotes many Theologians and says Bible Schools, Seminaries, Sunday Services, Home Groups need to be subjected to this reality."

Says it is time for the church to stand up and instead of provoking them to anger we need to provoke them to jealousy.

My comment: He is basically stating the true Church of Jesus Christ does absolutely nothing. He does not understand that he is asking for a religious system that has persecuted Jews to reform. This religious system has nothing to do with true Christianity and is actually not submitted to Christ, how can it be since it has persecuted other people, Jews and Christians and non-Christians, alike?

They reference "church fathers" but not the Apostles and writers of the NT. This is why I have never liked this notion of calling certain people "Church Fathers", for several reasons. And I think, here again the Catholic church is mainly responsible. By referencing the "Church Fathers", you can actually use them to establish another meaning of the scriptures if you don't like what the NT writers said. And many people today, actually revere Augustine, Irenaeus and others more than the Apostles. In my mind, if we have to call anyone a church father, it would be the Apostles, but why do that, since Jesus said, "call no man rabbi, father or Teacher, because you have one, your Father in heaven". So, Jesus was explaining from a spiritual standpoint, not a blood-relative standpoint. Can we all stop referring to men as "church fathers". It is always meant to undercut the Scriptures and the authority of the Apostles.

One narrator wants to call the Gospel the "Jewish Gospel" and the scriptures the "Jewish Scriptures", and that Jesus the "Jewish Messiah", has instigated the Jewish New Covenant into which the Gentiles will be engrafted. And therefore, if I love this Jesus who here again is the Supreme Jew, how can I but not love His people?"

My comment: He wants to know where do we find the same burden today that existed with Paul, where Paul would give his own eternal destiny for his kinsmen. I just find it incredulous that these narrators know no Gentiles that love the Jews, or know any loving stories of the Church through the centuries reaching out to the Jewish people. You do come away with one realization and that is that the True Church of God is very small in numbers because they make is seem that the entire Christian Church hates the Jews.

Cutaway, back to the forest around Auschwitz.

"Because of the widespread failure of the CHURCH during the holocaust, the landscape is so different now. In 1839, the CHURCH of Scotland sent a delegation of ministers to Palestine to investigate what the community was like and bring a report back to the church so they could organize any kind of appropriate evangelistic efforts and Robert Murray McCheyne, who was 26 at the time came home and said we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring the gospel to the Jews right now. If we try to preach the gospel in Italy the government would find us out and shut us down, Constantnople, Istanbul or Cairo the Turks and Egyptians would have at us and shut us down. Austria, who had a ban on missionaries at the time, we were there as illegal missionaires and they hid us from the police and fed us and hosted us and dialoged with us about the Gospel. In Prussian Poland, there was an eagerness in the Jewish community. Says, their opposition in Poland came from the Protestant community. Robert Murray McCheyne would not know that 100 years later and Austrian born man (Hitler) would do everything he could to bury all of European Jewry in a mass grave.

My comment: Robert Murray McCheyne was born-again Protestant. Hitler was Catholic. No distinction made.

Narrator says: "Why is Israel so important to the missions movement? Because the missions movement is either going to be spreading divestment, replacement, abbrogation theology that divests Israel of her covenantal identity and destiny which is fundamentally, anti-Judaic and has the capacity to be anti-semitic or it will be preaching the gospel that exalts future grace, that exalts the goodness, kindness and severity of God in covenant. Those are our only two options and the mushy middle will be removed here very soon, when the same pressures that touched Europe in the 1930's and 40's, touch our generation again, but in a unique way by virtue of the Islamic world."

Another narrator (lady), "The impact of the holocaust on Christian evangelism to the Jewish community is incalculable and I've read Christian criticism of Jewish resistance that is in this kind of condescending, patronizing tone, yet I have to wonder how much of their resistance to us is in response to pain that WE'VE inflicted upon them. How much of this is actually our responsibility?"

My Comment: No references given. Implication is that this is widespread.

Another narrator (man), "Don't hide your head as it were in the sand, and just try and run away from it and enjoy your present life. We need to confront the evil of mankind and we have to see this great evil as it occurred, inconceivable until it happened, but it happened in all it's stark reality. One could be led to say, well if that is the case do the Jews now, really need to hear the gospel? Because they have suffered so much. The Jews have suffered and there is more suffering to come. I think, frankly the worse is yet to come and then Christ will return and then all Israel will be saved. Therefore, today in spite of the holocaust the Jew needs to hear the gospel. We must preach the gospel to the Jew and the Gentile. It is the same gospel to both and we don't hold back regardless of their past.

My comment: They want us to confront the evil of mankind. How does Jesus tell us to confront the evil of mankind? Again, no references given as to how the Church of Jesus Christ through the centuries has been a witness in this world. A remnant still exists in each generation, you know.

"The Church has a great need to recognize that Israel is missing from our church."

My comment: Since he never distinguishes what "Church" means, I wonder if he is talking about the Catholic church.

Young man - "The Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s was by no means a 1-off atrocity and it was by no means an aberration of history. It was one event in a long series of events, a long historical continuum of Christian anti-Judaism and pagan anti-Semitism. And now, we are witnessing the mingling together of anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We need to take responsibility for Jewish suffering in the past and own it and repent of it and prepare for Jewish suffering in the future so that we are found faithful by the Lord and we are found helpful to the Jewish people when that great hour of suffering befalls them."

My comment: How do I take responsibility for Jewish suffering in the past? How do I own it and repent of it? For that matter, how do I take responsibility for Slavery in America in the past, or own it or repent of it? I just love Jews and Blacks today and represent Christ as a lover of people's souls. That is all I can do.

Chapter Three - Jerusalem - Grand Mufti of Palestine, wanted Jews sent to Poland (where they could be controlled). Did not want them in Palestine. Hitler told the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem that after we exterminate the Jews in Europe we want to assis you in getting rid of the Jews from your homeland."

Sheik Amin Al-Ansari - Al-Rahma TV EGYPT January 26, 2009
They played this video starting at 5:30 into it.

"When you look back into the late 1800's, and Jewish immigration into Palestine started to increase, that also brought larger Arab immigration as well because the land was being cultivated now, and there were more job opportunities. But it brought competition and now an idea of whether the Jews were trying to usurp our territories. But still, to a great extent they lived side by side without a lot of atrocities, a lot of attacks on Jews or counterattacks.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, things really began to rise in the 1930s as this Grand Mufti was a confidant of Adolph Hitler and he shared Hitlers hatred and antipathy of the Jewish people. He began to revive Islamic anti-semitism and libels against the Jews. He organized Intifadas and attacks on the Jews. This Arab anti-semitism goes hand in hand with Hitler's anti-semitism."

"Muhammed as a man, as a self-proclaimed prophet was a raging anti-semite and he was a violent anti-semite. It is an historical fact that he purged and expelled two large Jewish tribes from the Arabian peninsula and he liquidated, exterminated and eradicated another one. Regardless of what Muslims act like today, the founder of their faith was a bloodthirsty anti-semite. Historical fact."

Cuts away to video.
Egyptian Sheik The Worst Enemies of the Muslims after Satan are the Jews

"When you look at the early career of Muhammad as he embracing this claim to prophethood and starting his new religion. The Christians he was rubbing soldiers with and meeting with were all superseccessionists.

My comment: He gives no references. We do know that Catholic leaders were meeting with Muhammad and encouraging him in his creation of Islam. Was this so they would serve Rome in exterminating the Jews in Palestine?

"And so, Muhammad comes along and he looks at these CHRISTIAN who say, we have replaced the Jews, in his innovative way he says, I replace you and the Jews. So, Islam is in a so many ways a mutated form of the virus of superseccessionism. You take the Christian superseccessism and you add to it a canonized form of militancy."

My comments: These were Catholics, not Christians.

"In this situation of anti-semitism we don't take the worst Christian example and compare it with the worst Muslim example, we don't compare people, we compare texts. In the Christian text we take the OT and NT and the Canon of Scripture you have no grounds for the historical anti-semitism and anti-judaism that has been expressed by the church. In the Koran the Hadith you find the writings of the expositors of Islam you find ground, you find an anchor and even a commission and a command for violence against the Jewish people. 1300 years of jihad that is not abhorrent to the Islamic text and in fact it is incredibly congruent and that is the difference you have to compare the text not just people. 17% of the Medinian portions of the Koran speaks negatively towards the Jews. Compare that with 7% of Mein Kampf and you ask yourself how is this going to affect the average Muslim? Certainly, there are many Muslims that listen to their conscience over and above these hateful and racists comments in the Koran. But we don't judge Islam on how the majority of Muslims relate to Jews, we judge it based on its source text. It's foundational ideas conveyed as divine revelation. These writings affect those that are not devout."

My comment: I don't understand the comparisons made in the statement, above. Of course, you don't find anything in the Christian text for the wholesale slaughter and extermination of Jews.

They say "superseccionism (which dominates people), via the CHRISTIAN treatment of Jews according to many leading historians (Robert Wistrus, Bernard Lewis), make the case that the CHRISTIAN treatment of the Jews down through the ages has been far more violent, merciless, unrelenting and diabolical than any Islamic treatment ever was. Its not a question of who was meaner or treated them worse. The reason this is important is to understand that the CHRISTIAN hatred of the Jew came from a very different source than the Islamic one did. It's important to know this because the Islamic hatred of the Jew really did not flare up in a collected concerted way, in a collective expression until the 1920's."

My comment: "Christian" is just used over and over again so haphazardly.

Cuts away to a video:
Al Qaradawi praising Hitler's antisemitism

"In the 1920's 2 significant things happened. In the wake of WWI, the Ottoman empire collapsed and the Islamic Caliphate was subsequently dismantled. In the late 1800's we see droves of Jewish immigrants fleeing anti-semitism expulsions and pogroms from Europe, Ukraine from Russian flooding into British mandated Palestine. The Islamic perception of the Jew began to change dramatically. They were no longer viewed as this weak, pathetic people, living subjugated to the Islamic state. Now, they were viewed as Zionist aggressors bent on worldwide domination."

Talks about how "amazing it was for them to come into their own nation, win the 1967 war, etc. But today, the only thing the world sees is how mean Israel is to the Palestinians." Talks about "selective outrage against the Israeli nation. The world only cares about Arab blood if it was shed by Jews. Showcases different Arab protests against Israel in American cities (San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., France, Toronto, Istanbul, etc. ) and around the world.

Burning effigies, flags of Israel. Lots of protesting all around the world against Israel."

My comment: Clearly the entire world led by the Satanic controlled UN is turning against the Jews.

"Auschwitz was possible without the provocation of a contentious Jewish Nation State, what is possible with one".

My comment: Great point. It is going to be very bad for them. Obama, basically is helping Iran get to the point where they can wipe out Israel.

"Islamic world today is in a place of adopting ancient pagan rage and mingling it with European Western anti-semitism."

My comment: The videos of all the protests in American cities - you could see it was mostly Arabs doing the protesting, likewise in countries around the world. Now, with the increase of Arabs immigrating to so many countries, this protesting and demonstrations by Arabs globally will only increase.

Cuts away to this video:
Former Lebanese Minister Wahhab: I Like the Germans Because They Burned the Jews

Cuts away to this video:
Hamas Sermon from the Gaza Strip: Our Doctrine Entails Exterminating the Jews

"In Islam, once territory is conquered by Islam, it cannot be vanquished. So, if you have something like Spain which was once under Muslim control, the Moorish conquest of Spain and now comes back into Spanish control and the Muslims are vanquished is a wound that is open till this day. The fact that Israel is now under Jewish control is something that is unthinkable. It is now overrun and dominated by the guilty, the descendants of apes and pigs. This is the

great wound today that must be addressed according to Islam. It is a theological hostility."

"Most people don't realize that the Koran has a few passages that does say the Land belongs to Israel. The lands belong to the Jewish people and that Allah made a covenant with the Jewish people and gave them the land. Son of former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was asked to comment on these passages and he said he

doesn't talk politics. There are very few Muslims that believe this. What is believed and held throughout the Muslim world today is a combination of the antagonism towards the Jewish people in the Koran and the Hadith, but it has now been hybridized with much of the European, CHRISTIAN and even pagan anti-semitism. Today what is embraced throughout the Islamic world is a hybrid virus worse than anything we have ever seen."

Cuts away to this video:
Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya'qub on Jews vs Geert Wilders trial in The Netherlands

"Where does ancient Anti-semitism come from? It predates by centuries the reforming of the nation of Israel."

Cuts away to this video:
PA Mufti: Muslims will exterminate Jews (long version)

"Today you have hundreds of millions of people throughout the earth that when they kill a Jew they believe they are offering God a service."

"Nazism was evil but they were doing it in the name of nationalism. But when you have people doing it because they believe they have a divine destiny to carry these things out, you have a more profoundly more dangerous even than Nazism."

"We have this widespread view that Jews are conspirators. It is so important that we understand history and so we don't repeat it. Scripture is clear a final assault is coming on the land and the people of Israel."

Ends with, "where was the CHURCH, we have a mandate, a Romans 11 mandate to provoke the Jew to covenantal fidelity through faith in their slaughtered Messiah, but we failed, dismally.

To the Jew who has lost hope in His covenant keeping Creator, to the Church who has deflated the crown of the Jewish Messiah, to the Jihadis who are desperate to the steal the inheritance from Isaac's son, this is not the end of the story."

Clearly, the only thing true Christians can do, to differentiate themselves from the "Christian Church" as these men have liberally used the term in this video is to continue to walk in love towards all people.

My comment: Here is an interesting video: John Kerry (a Catholic)

Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES

Several videos of Pope uniting with Islam, being friendly with Islam.

Why is none of this mentioned AT ALL in this video. There is an incredible amount of material about the Catholic Church being in league with Islam.

The Pope is not the Leader of the Christian Church, just in case you did not know that. Christ is the Head.

Either these video makers are afraid of Rome or this video is a Jesuit Revisionism of History. I don't think the latter, I think the former is the case. Of course, they could just be grossly ignorant of the Catholic Church.

 2015/10/27 12:24

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 Re: Quotes and Comments of "Covenant and Controversy Part One: The Great Rage

Thanks for putting the time into doing this.

I really admire Michael Brown and have for about 10 years- particularly his preaching. I wish he would do more of that and less of this.


 2015/10/27 14:18Profile


Well, TMK, that is good to hear and I will keep that in mind because I see that he has a lot of videos on Youtube and I am going to listen to them.

 2015/10/27 14:22

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 Re: Quotes and Comments of "Covenant and Controversy Part One: The Great Rage

It seems clear that they are creating an emotional smokescreen as to detour from the obvious question of why there view has zero early church history support ?

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Thanks again for the review Julius21.

proudpapa wrote:

It seems clear that they are creating an emotional smokescreen as to detour from the obvious question of why there view has zero early church history support ?

Very interesting and good point which would make a lot of sense in terms of trying to defend a theological viewpoint which has no basis in historic Christianity. This is one reason why many believers have rejected the Pre-Tribulational rapture view, because they realized it was invented in the 1800s.


 2015/10/27 17:36Profile


PP, You don't want to think that is why the movie was made, but it does cause you to wonder.

Oracio, amen to that.

The more I think about the video, the more ironies I see.

For instance, they talk about how Islam humiliates the Jew more than anyone else, yet they don't see how they are humiliating Christians and the Christian church in their video by linking them with some of the worst atrocities against Jews that ever happened (Hitler, Vatican, etc). And yet, while all this happened and the religious system walked hand in hand with the political and military structure (as it always does), true servants of the Lord were risking everything to help the Jews. That is a story I would like to hear more of.

The important thing is to recognize this spirit of condemnation in this video does not come from the Lord and don't let it manipulate you.

True Believers know they are not the ones being talked about. But, how do you humiliate the religious system? Can it even be done? I don't think so. Rome did not change their vile Good Friday Liturgy prayer until long after WWII.

Furthermore, it is pretty clear that their intent was not to humiliate the religious system. (That is indeed sad).

I think (I hope) someday the makers of this video will apologize for the gross mischaracterization of Christians that they portrayed. But, if they don't, it just goes with the territory (being a follower of Christ), to be slandered, and misrepresented. God is at work in His Church and has always been at work in His Church to show the Jewish people that Jesus Christ loves them and is the Messiah. Satan is also at work through men to destroy not only them, but the Church.

 2015/10/27 17:36

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If "holy desperation" is on YouTube and I think it is- that is a good sermon to start with


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Thanks for the tip, TMK.

 2015/10/27 18:51

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 Re: Quotes and Comments of "Covenant and Controversy Part One: The Great Rage


Don't you just wish you could sit down with Michael Brown and discuss these things personally? After all he grew up in a Jewish home...

Many times the philosophy we grew up with does blind one to the obvious.


Sandra Miller

 2015/10/29 12:15Profile


Yeah Ginny, I do wish I could sit down with him. But better still, since he has spoken with many people from the other side, I wish he would just open his ears. At least listen to other Messianic Jewish brothers such as the link I keep giving.

Zionism and especially Christian Zionism is just outright madness.

Even Rabbi Weiss believes so. He may not be correct from a NT point of view, but he speaks a lot of truth.
Rabbi Weiss Rips the Ideology of Zionism
starting about 5:00

"endless river of bloodshed"

 2015/10/29 12:22

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