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 The Four Views of Revelation

There are varying interpretations of the Book of Revelation and these views all have value and are not something that born-again believers should fight over.

Though, I could not be a preterist, we do learn that Chrisianity is rooted in the past. The historicist tells us that Christianity is continually timely and from the Futurist, there is continued hope for the future. Through the Idealist or Triumphalist we learn that the Christian is constantly participating in Christ's victory.

Regardless of which view you ascribe to or maybe a little from each or some of them, we all have to admit there is much symbolism in Revelation that displays the triumphal victory of Christ. Revelation has spoken to Christians throughout history, with hope, assurance and ultimately the victory of Christ at the end of time (which is in the future).

I challenge you to understand these views. I believe understanding them has helped me and I have gained something from each of them.

Here is an excellent video I found on Preterism. Kind of funny, mixed with humor. But, I can't be a preterist because it seems that John wrote the book of Revelation after 70AD (the fall of Jerusalem). But, very good video, anyway if you want to understand it.

"The preterist view, particularly the partial preterist view, is a prominent position held by such notable scholars as R. C. Sproul, Hank Hanegraaff, Kenneth Gentry, and the late David Chilton (who later converted to full preterism after the publishing of his books)."
Quote taken from:

By the way, the above link also gives a good synopsis of each view.

I see that Youtube has a lot of material on the Four Views of Revelation and I just found a 5th one. It is called the Eclectic View. I have no idea what that one is about, but will probably listen to it. As I said, I learn something from each view and am the first to admit that I am still growing and learning.

I love this quote by Tom Gilson:
"Do Christians believe we hold the truth? No, it holds us; we submit to it and to the One who gives it. We seek the truth to know it and follow it, that it may grip us tighter yet."

 2015/10/24 23:41

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