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 Pray for People Group: Muslim Khatri

Muslim Khatri
Oct 18, 2015 01:00 am
Today's Devotional

Psalm 141:4, NET "Do not let me have evil desires, or participate in sinful activities with men who behave wickedly. I will not eat their delicacies."

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t lick them, join them”? Many people in Pakistan are being tempted to join militant groups that think of themselves as the winning team which will overcome all adversaries.

Pray for the Muslims of Pakistan to turn to what is right rather than joining wicked murderers who are destroying their nation.—KC

Today's People Group

Did you know that the caste system is not unique to Hinduism? Because of the Hinduized culture in South Asia, Muslims in this region also have a caste system.
The Khatri are a business caste. Most of them are in India and are Hindus. But there are also Muslim Khatri. There are over a million of them in Pakistan, and their origin is in the Punjabi speaking regions of South Asia. Traditionally they specialized in trading cloth, but now they have expanded into other types of trade. Today many members belong to the middle class and work in the teaching and civil service professions. Khatri women are noted for their outstanding beauty, and they generally still wear the sari.
Traditionally they have practiced child marriage, but today adult marriage is the norm. Family elders still negotiate marriage alliances. Divorce was not allowed, but due to modernization, it is now allowed when the couple can’t get along. Khatris have both nuclear and extended family structures.
There are no known Khatris from a Muslim background who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. But traditions are changing for the Khatri in the 21st century; may Christ be part of their future!

Pray for God to arrange divine appointments between Khatris and believers that will endear them to the Savior. Pray for Him to prepare Khatri hearts to recognize the truth of the gospel when they hear it.

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 2015/10/19 2:51

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