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 China Announces Intensified Crackdown on Christian Churches

China has reportedly announced an intensified campaign against Christian churches ahead of a national summit on religion.

The Chinese Communist Party is gearing up for a more rigorous crackdown on Christian churches in the country. The announcement from Zhongguo Mingzu Bao, the Party's official paper dealing with religious matters, comes in the wake of the series of arrests of Christian ministers and closing down of churches, according to Breitbart.

In the past two years, China has been tightening regulations on Christian groups in the country. In the eastern province of Zhejiang, the government has taken down crosses from buildings and demolished around 1,700 churches, Christian Today (CT) reports. ...

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 Re: China Announces Intensified Crackdown on Christian Churches

There is a brother who SI is very close to, and who spoke at the conference in Georgia a couple years back, who has spent many years in China. I won't post his name in this thread and I'll ask others to refrain from it, too, under the current circumstances. Everyone pretty much knows who he is here, I think. But, I recall seeing him in another video where he spoke of how the government had opened up to the churches a few years back. He was quite upbeat about it then. I remember thinking, "I don't trust that but I'm not there, either."

Greg, are you aware of any information from this brother as to how things are now changing in the churches he is involved with?


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