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 the choice

(I did not write the following, but it really states the simple
truth of it all. Much to think and pray on in that one line Rdg)

THE Choice


Heard recently in passing, of all places, in a movie preview:

“You need to decide whether you’re hanging on the cross…or banging in the nails.”

That single line of truth accurately describes ALL of the human race and its great divide. I find that it also describes my own choices throughout any given day, whether I am taking up my cross and laying down my life for others in costly ways or whether I am causing Jesus more shame, working against Him and crucifying Him afresh. My heart’s choice is to lay down my life for others.

And for those who think there is some sort of middle ground, some in between choice…there is NOT.

“You need to decide whether you’re hanging on the cross…or banging in the nails.”

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 Re: the choice

Most will choose to bang nails.

A guy from Mississippi who has a regional musical fanbase in the southeast has a song called "I'd Rather Be A Hammer (Than A Nail)". It does not reference Jesus in any way, but this guy is a preacher's son and is a very disaffected, bitter man whose life, for whatever reasons valid or not, has lead him to leverage spiritual language for raucous, sensual blues music.

Anyway, the song -- knowing his background -- is a statement of what he thinks your choice should be.


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