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 Churches protect themselves from LGBT suits

All it takes is one or two motivated individuals for a lawsuit to arrive, said Jeremiah Galus, an attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom. “We know there are those out there that aren’t happy that churches are exempted from these laws.”
Worries about accusations of discrimination are already complicating some church efforts to build bridges with communities.

At Broadman Baptist, a church committee is re-evaluating whether to continue allowing the board members of a condo complex across the street to meet in the church fellowship hall for a fee of $50. McCombs is concerned that by renting the hall to community groups for nonreligious purposes, a same-sex couple might argue it also has a right to the space. At the same time, he’s frustrated, because he wants his church to have open arms to the neighborhood. ...

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 2015/10/8 10:58Profile

 Re: Churches protect themselves from LGBT suits

You can be a house church, (unincorporated) and have open arms to all unbelievers. And they have no right to come into your home unless invited since you have not entered into contract with the government regarding your private residence.

The government is really pushing this non-discrimination to the nth degree. Now, if you are stopped by Border Patrol and you self-identify yourself as a woman (even thought you are a man, physically) they have to have a Border Patrol person who is a man, but self-identifies as a woman, body search you. If you self-identify as a transgender they have to provide a Border Patrol guard who is a transgender.

I heard that yesterday (DHS has passed that rule) and the light came on that Churches that are "wards of the state", by agreeing to the 501(3)C contract will not be exempt from anything. Will they regard their tax exempt status more precious than their integrity remains to be seen.

I don't know why any Christian group would want the government to have any "window" of control into any of their business.

 2015/10/8 14:10

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