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 Official seeks to save county from 'coming wrath' of God

County Commissioner Karen Miller is sponsoring a resolution asking the Almighty to “pass us by in His coming wrath and not destroy our county as he did Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities.” Her request is based on the U.S.
Supreme Court decision on June 26 that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.
The resolution will be examined at Tuesday’s Agenda Committee meeting where public debate is expected to be heated, with emotions running high on both sides of the issue.

Ginny West Case, a retired Christian educator in the United Methodist Church, said the God of Miller’s resolution doesn’t sound like the God she knows. ..

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 Re: Official seeks to save county from 'coming wrath' of God

Smart(wise) woman. She understands exactly how the judgement s of God do fall indeed, that is a very rare person who understands such things especially in US Gov. on any level.

Genny on the other hand would have stayed behind with Lot s daughters husbands and suffered for her utter lack of understanding not only the times but also the God she says she serves.


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