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 need help find fellowship in utah

So recently I have moved to Utah and am really looking to find
fellowship unfortunately I made the mistake of moving to
Utah county and am not sure where to even begin looking for
Other christians to meet with.

Anyone from utah or know of any fellowships in this area?

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 Re: need help find fellowship in utah

Hi Rdg-

I often visit my parents in Beaver- Beaver County. The chuch they are part of is not perfect, but they are Christian. Depending on how deep into Utah County you are, It may or may not be a long drive. The town of 3,000 that they are in has two Christian churches, so take heart. You may find one in your town. They actually found the one meeting at a KOA.

I hope you find one soon!


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I googled the area you are in. Provo Orem is the county seat of Utah County Utah. I am familiar with a Mennonite work in Provo Orem. It is called Living Waters. The work is small. It is traditional Mennonite Amish. But given the Mormon emphasis where you are at. They are a sweet Christian group. If you google Living Waters fellowship in Provo Orem you should get their contact information.

I will try to google some more of that area and see if I come up with some more fellowships for you. I have spent a little time in Utah four different times having prayer walk Salt Lake City.

 2015/11/11 22:59

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


RDG, I ask God to swiftly answer your prayer. That has to be frustrating.

Lord, we lift our sister to Your tender care and ask for Your all-knowing Spirit to bring her to meet other true Christians. Uphold her with your right hand.


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