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 Pray for People Group: Lyengar Brahmins of karnataka

Ezekiel 16:8b, NET "I swore a solemn oath to you and entered into a marriage covenant with you, declares the sovereign Lord, and you became mine."

Our relationship with God should be as serious as the bonds of marriage. That is why the Bible gives us guidelines. Yet you will notice as you read the Bible that most of the guidelines have to do with loving your spouse rather than how to perform rituals.

Pray that the Lyengar Brahmins will hear God’s exhortation from the Bible and understand that He offers much more than they have ever known before.—KC

Today's People Group

(This story is intended to illustrate important things about this people group.)
Ranjani was answering questions from an inquirer on a social media website. “I am a Lyengar Brahmin girl married to a Lyer boy. Though there are some slight cultural differences like the style of tying the nine-yard madisaaru saree (woman’s apparel), food habits, language, and all, both of our groups are similar. Both of our families were very open minded about this marriage as we both were Brahmins (which was pure chance, by the way). The conservative Brahmin within our communities feel that when our people marry non-Brahmins it is a welcome relief if they at least marry a Hindu.” One of my relatives married a non-Brahmin boy. They said it was OK because he was accepting of their family and customs. However, anyone who was not a Hindu or a vegetarian was off-limits!”
The Lyengar Brahmins primarily live in Karnataka and adjoining Indian states. They have maintained prestigious positions in areas of politics, business, education, and professions. Currently they no longer hold the monopoly in areas of education and administration as more non-Brahmins have replaced them.
Spiritually Lyengar Brahmins have strong ties to the worship of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu, and they follow some of the teachings of the sacred Hindu Vedas. A few continue to be priests and teachers who carry on the sacred rituals of Hinduism.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will give the Lyengar Brahmins a spiritual hunger that will lead them to Christ and satisfy their need for peace and hope.


General Prayer Focus: Pray for unity and love in your local assembly and the church catholic

 2015/9/20 1:08

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