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Gary, best that you contact the Kendrick brothers directly and voice your concerns to them.

 2015/9/14 9:52

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Thanks jasmine ,,I noticed they are babtist,but obviously we're invited to a conference where Winton was either a keynote speaker ,or involved in holding the conference or some thing to that effect...

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Julis I don't have time to voice my concerns to every Christian who may seem to be connected with false teaches ,you can if if you like

 2015/9/14 15:43Profile


Thank you, Gary. But, I am not the one concerned or voicing my suspicions.

 2015/9/14 15:54

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This world is not my home anymore.


I saw the movie this weekend! It was wonderful! I wasn't distracted by famous faces or the normal Hollywood stuff. I, my son and his girlfriend, Shelby, went to see it. My son went for training 3 hours away. Shelby told me today that she has put up post-its on the wall to pray for him while he's gone!! I just smiled VERY big, praising God!!

When I was losing hope that anything could happen to help America and wake up Christian's, He sends this movie!! God is so good!


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Canton, Michigan



You are so welcome! I am so thankful that the movie was such an encouragement and blessing to you as it was to me and so many others. I've always said about all the Kendrick brothers movies that they are truly anointed.


I am glad to hear that you got to see the movie with your son and Shelby and you all enjoyed it. I agree, when days seem to be growing darker here in America God is letting us know He still loves us and that there is hope, PTL!!!

Thank you both for sharing.

David Fella

 2015/9/14 21:40Profile

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From listening to some of Alex Kendrick's messages, i don't think he's part of the prosperity 'gospel'. His movies don't depict that neither do his interviews/messages I have listened. I could be wrong but from all I have seen, he doesn't come across as a prosperity preacher.

Even at Bill Winston's market place conference, his message essentially was that to prosper in anything the Lord calls us to, we HAVE to seek His face and receive instructions DIRECTLY from Him. None of the 'blab and grab' nonsense.


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I have seen very few movies this past year. As a matter of fact the last movie I saw in the theater was God is Not Dead. And that was a powerful movie. But War Room has definitely made an impact on me. I saw the movie twice. And each time at the end of it I was on my knees. Lifting my hands and crying out to God with tears. Asking him to raise up another Moravian type of prayer movement.

There are some who are trying to put a racial message on this movie. To take away from its essential message. The message of this movie is prayer. The message of this movie is that God works through prayer.

We must take the words of that dear woman of God sister Clara. When she was counseling the younger woman. I cannot remember the exact words. But she said you must get on your knees and war with God and prayer. And get out of the way and see him work.

If we lose sight of that essential message. Then we are losing sight of the fact that God is calling us to prayer.

I think those who are walking with the Lord and submission to the Dpirit sense that we are in the close out of redemptive history. Peter writes in his first letter the end of all things is near. Therefore be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. Is not God calling for the people to be in prayer. To be in prayer in these and times for His harvest.

Jesus declares that his father's house is a house of prayer for all nations. Things I hear suggest that God is calling for a people from around the globe to be in prayer. He's calling for a people to be in prayer from every nation and all tribes and tongues and peoples. May God grant that we be that people from America who join in this global movement a prayer.

I recently watched a YouTube video of a gathering of young people from many nations in Munich Germany. In the video different people are singing different parts of the Revelation song in their heart language. I could not be help but be in tears thinking this is what heaven will be like.

Brothers and sisters I believe that God is raising up a mighty prayer movement around the world. My heart cry is that I and others will be a part of it. That we cry out His kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

From the bear cave.


 2015/11/12 7:30

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 I took a Beating

Man I really took a beating on FB from Baptists groups who said I was in heresy because I said that I rejoiced that at least the gospel was going out and they really blasted me and than many unfriended me... Personally I am just glad to see individuals with the vision and resources to do these types of things do something to try to further the cause of Christ or Edify the body of Christ. I haven't really had the extra monies or when I did I haven't had the time to see it, but will eventually. In this Country the only thing I think that will help the Church is real fire melting away the unnecessary religious doctrines(not that all teachings are unnecessary guys know what I mean here) that seem to keep the church so divided.


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 Re: I took a Beating

D. Miller, never let religion keep you in bondage. I was raised Southern Baptist,but I got tired of feeling under condemnation every time I walked out of a Sunday service. I pray one day I will find a church home operating under the five fold ministry, like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I know they're out there somewhere.


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