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 Jail Time for Christians: No Longer an Hypothesis

September 6, 2015
By Lloyd Marcus

So this is how the game is played. Leftist operatives in the courts (supreme and state) create unconstitutional laws to further their anti-God agenda. Then leftists say those who disobey their lawless laws are not behaving like Christians and good Americans. Many on our side fall for it.

The SCOTUS' ruling on Obamacare and homosexual marriage means the Constitution will now say whatever leftists want it to say. Folks, do you realize that based on this new precedent, the left can make anything they want a law? Incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and so on?

Before you call me crazy, leftists are already clamoring for the normalization of these sins. Have you heard of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)?

Suppose our kangaroo Supreme Court decreed that ending slavery was unconstitutional. All blacks must report to government for their slavery assignments. How many idiots on our side would comply because Christians and good Americans must obey the law?

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that Obama is the most lawless president in U.S. history, refusing to obey laws he dislikes. Sanctuary cities run by Democrats defiantly disobey federal immigration law at the cost of endangering and even killing American citizens. It is insane to allow these conniving vipers to claim the moral high ground over us, lecturing us about obeying the law.

Christians with their heads not buried in the sand knew that jail time was coming for Christians who refuse to bow down and worship homosexuals' false god.

In response to the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage, a mega-church pastor said he hoped it would not infringe upon our religious freedom. I thought, "Well, duh!" That is the purpose of the attacks and lawsuits: to criminalize biblical standards.

Wedding chapels, cakes, flowers, and everything else needed for homosexuals to marry are readily available to them. Homosexuals' ultimate mission is to force Christians to rubber-stamp their behavior, thus betraying the true God.

This is why I get upset with Christians who still do not get it – labeling any pushback as intolerant and un-Christian, lecturing fellow Christians about showing these passive, humble homosexuals more love. I want to scream, "This ain't about that!" This is about saying no to being bullied into embracing anti-biblical behavior.

The radical homosexual movement is a form of the Mark of the Beast. In essence, any business or household that does not display the homosexual rainbow flag over its doorway will not be permitted to exist. Remember the pro football player who was fined and forced into sensitivity training for tweeting his disapproval of two men kissing on national TV.

When did we lose the power, folks, becoming subservient to 2% of the population, forced to comply or end up in jail?

Kim Davis realizes that the Creator's Law trumps the creation's law. This is why she has the strength to in essence say, "Y'all can have a fit and even throw me in jail – I will not bow down and worship your god." Trust me: the forces of evil are outraged. Note that all the vitriol is coming from the left, not from Christians.

Christian abolitionists disobeyed the law, helping blacks to escape slavery via the underground railroad. They also broke the law by teaching blacks to read.

Daniel was a high-ranking, highly respected government (King Darius) employee. A new law said everyone must pray only to King Darius. Daniel disobeyed, continuing to pray to the God of Israel. He was arrested and thrown into the lion's den. When interviewed by reporters from the Stone Tablet Times, I suspect some Christians trashed Daniel for noncompliance to the king's law.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were government (King Nebuchadnezzar) appointees. The king built a golden statue, proclaimed it god, and decreed that all must bow down and worship it. Faithful to the true God, the three Hebrew boys disobeyed the law, refusing to bow down or worship the government's statue. They were arrested and thrown into a fiery furnace.

Like Kim Davis, Daniel and the three Hebrew boys believed that the consequence of betraying God is eternal: heaven or hell. It is hard to believe that Christians are now forced to make such a choice in the United States of America.

God bless GOP presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz for standing up for religious freedom.

I stand with Kim Davis. Unequivocally. I stand with every American that the Obama Administration is trying to force to choose between honoring his or her faith or complying with a lawless court opinion.

In dissent, Chief Justice Roberts rightly observed that the Court's marriage opinion has nothing to do with the Constitution. Justice Scalia observed that the Court's opinion was so contrary to law that state and local officials would choose to defy it.

Please click this link to read the rest of Sen Cruz's powerful statement.

Frankly, GOP presidential contender Carly Fiorina saying Kim Davis should issue the license or resign smells of more GOP caving to the left – we-don't-have-your-back politics as usual. This makes me a bit nervous envisioning Fiorina in the big chair in the Oval Office.

Fiorina's behavior takes me back to an article I wrote titled "Which GOP Presidential Contender will Keep Their Word in the White House."

Again, thank you, brother Cruz, for leading the charge for religious liberty and We the People.

 2015/9/7 18:48

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 Re: Jail Time for Christians: No Longer an Hypothesis

I do not get involved in politics personally, but I will and do pray for those who are lost to find Jesus. I often think about what Rome must have been like in Paul's time??? I am pretty sure homosexual behavior was going on then to. So I ask myself how did Paul deal with that sin and the many others happen all around him? The simple answer I find is that he prayed and shared Jesus.


 2015/9/7 20:44Profile


I completely get what you are saying, RDG. I am not in a government job so I'm not tested in such a way that I have to implement a godless decree. Reading about Daniel and Esther, (though Esther was not a government employee), sheds new light for me on the coming purge of Christians in government.

 2015/9/7 21:42

 Re: Jail Time for Christians: No Longer an Hypothesis

Those who are of the opinion that Kim Davis should have quietly resign, should be sincere enough to follow that idea to a conclusive end, because to me that is like saying all government workers who are christians in america should resign their job. Believe me this issue will not be limited to only those working in the judicery, so why not all christians in government begin to resign their jobs.
My thought is this, where christians can influence the politics and laws of any nation they should do so. I find it so embarrassing that though there are so much christians in america, they can't influence the politics of that nation. Well it confirms to me that the christianity in america is superficial

 2015/9/8 8:59

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Iyke, Christians have influenced politics in America in many far reaching ways. Unfortunately, we were played like a drum by the political class. Even more unfortunately, they made many of us like the feeling of being in the halls of earthly power, and many of us identify ourselves with "conservative Christianity" in a political sense rather than simply identifying with Jesus. In other words, our influence, our salt, our light, have been like pearls cast before swine. We should have known better, but we still have not learned.

My hope is that the Kim Davis situation will be a watershed moment in that unfortunate history of the political church of the past 40 years in the USA. I hope that true believers will come out of the Babylon that is the American political church, and that we will instead identify with Jesus the Suffering Servant. It seems to me that Acts church was far more salty, light, and influential than the most well funded, organized and politically savvy "Christian" politics have been.


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RDG said

I do not get involved in politics personally, but I will and do pray for those who are lost to find Jesus. I often think about what Rome must have been like in Paul's time??? I am pretty sure homosexual behavior was going on then to. So I ask myself how did Paul deal with that sin and the many others happen all around him? The simple answer I find is that he prayed and shared Jesus.

Paul openly called the earthly powers that be the enemy of God. He suffered in prison as a result. He called the powers that be to repent. He did NOT encourage Christians to "get involved politically" as "salt and light".

In Romans 12, Paul sums up his longer argument from chapters 1-8 in particular with an appeal to live as a living sacrifice, being changed from the image of this world and into the image of Jesus. In fact, Paul almost recites much of the Sermon on the Mount in chapter 12, pointing out that love enables this transformation and that as the church ---- the church as the expression of the kingdom of God, that is ---- love demands yieldedness to one another, and for the witness of the church/kingdom, our yieldedness enables us to love our enemies and to do good in the face of abject evil.

Ignore the chapter headings and keep reading into chapter 13. What good is it for us to yield to one another in love? It enables us to love our enemies, among other things. Who is that enemy in Paul's view? Romans 13:1 -- governing authorities. How? Because they were not just governments, but spiritual authorities as well. Roman government was chiefly an arm of the emperor, deified by the people, and the government leveraged emperor worship as a form of control. It is easier to police a people who loves you than to oppress a people that hates your rule. Roman government, by Paul's time, had thoroughly supplanted the Caesar as the object of worship into the lives of the places it conquered. This was no mere battle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.

How does the living sacrifice of Romans 12:1-3 live in the face of spiritual wickedness, the enemy of Romans 12:18-21? By subjection, yet again. Romans 13:1. Read Romans 12:18 with Romans 13:2 and see how Paul is not changing topics -- he is applying one topic in the most practical sense.

The debt of the Christian is to love one another. Romans 13:8. The duty of the Christian is to love his enemy. Romans 13:1, 5, 9, 10. The reward to the Christian, the outcome of this, is stated in Romans 13:11-14, and is the very transformation envisioned in Romans 12:1-3.

It is vital to read Chapters 12 and 13 as a single thought.

It is also vital, I think, to understand the times we are in. This advice is applicable now more than perhaps ever since the era of the Caesars passed.


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What would Kim Davis "loving her enemy" look like in this situation?

Who is her "enemy?" The gays who want a marriage license? The judge? The world system? If it's the world system, how do you love that?

Just tossing out some random thoughts that came to mind when I read your posts.


 2015/9/8 11:13Profile


I am totally non-political but want to view the situation with government workers with an open mind and open heart.

What would Kim Davis "loving God" look like?

Does that mean she should quit her job?

Is having a govt job, the same as being "in Babylon" or is being "in Babylon", something else?

 2015/9/8 12:21

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


Valid and excellent question, too, TMK. :)

I think she is doing so. I have to take her word for her own heart. I don't know her, and she hasn't said anything that looks like hatred or contempt for homosexuals or the court or the people in government**. What she has said is that she has no ill will but she must obey the Bible and she is of a conscience that prevents her from following the court's order which is the law. But, she stands on yet another valid rule of law, the First Amendment.

As an aside, the Obergefell court knew exactly that this would happen. The majority opinion and Scalia's dissent both alluded to the issue, and the Obergefell attorney was pointedly asked about it by the justices in oral arguments and he said that Christians will have to obey the law and yield their conscience. So, the speed at which this is happening after the SCOTUS decision is not even a surprise. In fact, they practically invited it to happen. Kim Davis is serving their purposes.

But, back to the main question -- Kim Davis is loving her enemy. Her enemy is the people of government. She serves with them. She has peacefully and meekly gone to jail without railing on anyone. Her enemy is the homosexuals who insisted that she be held in contempt and jailed. She has peacefully accepted that she is in full conflict with them, legally and morally, and that she will accept the consequences because she loves Jesus. (Now, I don't claim that Kim Davis has perfect love; indeed, she's a oneness Pentecostal which denies the Trinity and that is a very significant problem for her theologically, although in my own mind I attribute her belief more to ignorance than suppression of the truth at this relatively young point in her "born again" life.) She has not been unkind to them. She has, instead, stuck her own head and hands into the stocks that they held open for her.

**We can't love a system. We love people. People who run an evil system and who need to be delivered from its influence. In this instance, the judge, the marshals, the attorneys for the homosexual parties in the case, the homosexual parties to the case, the jailers who hold Kim Davis --- all of them are part of the system and who Kim Davis acts with love while she disagrees with them without vitriol and with peace as she accepts the consequences of her devotion to Jesus, whom those enemies hate.


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 Re: Kim Davis released, but judge bars her from withholding marriage licenses

Evidently, Kim Davis was obeying the Law. She was obeying the Constitution of the State of Kentucky and I am assuming that is why a federal judge and not a state judge put her in jail.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was jailed in contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, cried and smiled as she stood before a crowd of supporters after her release from jail Tuesday.

"Thank you all so much. I love you all so very much," she said. "I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong people."

 2015/9/8 16:03

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