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The Fountain of Life

The Fountain of Life opened up: or, a display of Christ in his essential and mediatorial glory

by John Flavel

The Intercession of Christ our High-priest, being the second Act or Part of his Priestly Office

Sermon number 13.

 2015/8/29 7:29

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Julius wrote:"After the resurrection, Satan is still the Accuser of the brethren day and night."

I thought the traditional understanding is that satan is tossed in the lake of fire after the resurrection. So I don't think he will be around to be doing any accusing.


 2015/8/29 8:17Profile


I thought you were talking about the Lord's resurrection.

The KJV "ever liveth", to me is akin to "actively engaged" in making intercession. But that is just the way I understand it.

"Always living", doesn't make sense, to me. Of course, Jesus is always living.

 2015/8/29 17:02

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