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 Thousands protest outside Planned Parenthood clinics

Thousands of antiabortion activists descended upon Planned Parenthood clinics on Saturday to participate in a nationwide protest aimed at cutting off federal funding for the controversial health-care organization.

The demonstrations unfolded at about 320 clinics around the nation, according to organizers, with some gatherings drawing a few dozen protesters and others drawing hundreds and perhaps thousands more.

The protests kicked off at 9 a.m. Saturday and included speakers, prayer groups and chants, as well as signs distributed by organizers that said “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.”
John Piper prays at the #PlannedParenthood protest in St. Paul, Minnesota. #ProtestPP #DefundPP (via @davidcrabb) ...

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 Re: Thousands protest outside Planned Parenthood clinics

Praise God!


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 Re: Thousands protest outside Planned Parenthood clinics

"BOSTON (AP) — The furor on Capitol Hill over Planned Parenthood has stoked a debate about the use of tissue from aborted fetuses in medical research, but U.S. scientists have been using such cells for decades to develop vaccines and seek treatments for a host of ailments, from vision loss to cancer and AIDS...."

Can we be against abortion but utilize a product derived from it ?

Most in the secular community see's this as hipocricy.

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My wife shared this article with me this morning, I thought it was an interesting read, regarding the use of Vaccines and Aborted babies for the research.

I don't know if the author is a Christian, but she makes some good points. We need the wisdom of God these days.

Doug R

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Doug, thank you for the artical.
I felt that she was very careful and humble with her wording and very researched on the topic

RE:///don't know if the author is a Christian,///

to the right of the artical she gave a brief description of herself, in it she said :
".., my ultimate aim in life is to be a disciple of Christ."

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