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 RFK Jr: Congress is Afraid of Trillion Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry –

RFK Jr: Congress is Afraid of Trillion Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry – Won’t Investigate Vaccine Corruption - See more at:

RFK Jr: Money Is Why Congress Is Stalling Autism Coverup Hearings

- See more at:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells Newsmax Health that money is the reason Congress is delaying hearings on accusations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hid a link between the mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.”The pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar industry,” Kennedy said in an exclusive interview.

There are other trillion dollar industries, but not one that spends as much on Congress as it does. The pharmaceutical industry spends twice what the next biggest industry spends, which is oil and gas. They spend four times what defense and aeronautics spend. That kind of money — the money they spend in lobbying — buys a lot of influence,” he says. “It’s why congress people are scared to go against them. There’s just a lot of career fear.”

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Rhode Island Representative Tells Health Dept. to Stop HPV Vaccine Requirement for Middle Schoolers - See more at:

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 2015/8/22 10:14

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 Re: RFK Jr: Congress is Afraid of Trillion Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry –

I am in a quandary about these reports. I considered Newsmax given to hyberbole, sensationalism; RFK,Jr has serious moral issues - womanizer like a lot of men in his family...does that discredit what he is saying or what Newsmax is promoting? Just am wishing there would be someone with moral integrity speak out on this issue.

I do believe this is an issue that needs to be explored...but am also aware it may not be as simple as we would like. To vaccinate for its own sake is ridiculous, but on what am I basing this assumption? Good question. Sometimes one has to go on your own gut feeling not understanding why, yet I appreciate the polio vaccine having witnessed the devasting effects polio has on people (my BIL was a polio/post polio victim).

My opinion.


Sandra Miller

 2015/8/29 9:29Profile

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