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RE:///The fact of the matter is that Vaccines only work if everybody is vaccinated and the reason it has got out of control again..//

Nothing is out of control.
The media is blowing measles out of proportion to instill fear into the general public inorder to over ride the opposition and eliminate the religious excemption .
That is how Communism works : play on peoples fears and emotions so as to have them hand over there liberties.

Many in all generations have refused vaccines because of religious convictions and others because they did not trust the system.
refusal is nothing new, the attack on the religious excemptions is what is new.

RE:/// I believe that no matter how much information and research that i provide to you in this post about the points you have raised will change your mind.. ///

You are correct.

Karl, I am not for forcing or trying to convince you not to get vaccinated.
(reword): I just want to continue to be able to use the lawful excemption. It seems that you are for eliminating the religious excemption.

a neutral source about the moral/ethical questions using abortion-tainted vaccines visit the :

Right to Life of Michigan

Artical by a family practice physician, and the founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians

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This thread has taken an interesting turn to put it mildely.
I don't want to make it more complicated but I still would like to add some of my views.

First we need to ask ourselves WHY is this world in such a mess and why do we have same sex marriages etc.
The root of all this is SIN, and sin is still increasing because the spiritual decline is increasing.
What we would need is a major Awakening or a worldwide revival. Otherwise we are on the way to "Babylon" , probably on a one way journey. But the church is divided so it is unlikely to happen.

Quote: "standing up for the principles of Christ" ..."stand up for the Christian view on marriage"
This will not cause people to repent and will therefore not change much . We would need a major outpooring of the Holy Spirit.

Quote: "many see vaccinations as unethical..."
Yes I agree but it is far more serious that that. If once we loose our rights to opt out then we are another step closer to fashism. We haven't learnt from Communist China or Soviet Russia or from the Dark Ages ! The more and more ungodly rulers we have will use "vaccines " for population control and to sterilise young girls etc . If you think that's a bit a "conspiracy " then you haven't done your complete research and most of all you have no idea what it means that "the whole world lies in the power of the evil one " 1 John 5:19

There are a lot of other things which are even more unethical but we just look the other way or we think it is necessary and for our benefit. Drone attacks, secret torture camps, waterboarding,- just to name a few but enough to make me sick in the stomach

Quote:"The fact of the matter is that Vaccines only work if everybody is vaccinated and the reason it has got out of control
again is because people decided not to get vaccinated "
You are not fully informed and it is not logical. Lets say you are
vaccinated and i'm not and i have a disease then you don't need to worry because you believe that your vaccine will protect you, so you will be safe.

Quote: "And ultimately, and we all know this, the mark of the beast will come..."
No, this is just some peoples interpretation and there are many other interpretations out there.
We know for sure that God's judgement is coming. In which form ? Does it matter?

Cash-less society: this might come, again it is speculation at the moment. When it comes it simply means the rulers have even more control over us. In which form it will come is not really important.
I know some people had a vision but we should go by what is written otherwise it just causes more division.

From the Internet:
The Bible also tells us that true repentance will result in a change of actions (Luke 3:8-14; Acts 3:19). Acts 26:20 declares, “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds.” The full biblical definition of repentance is a change of mind that results in a change of action.(

Lord have mercy on us and help us to find unity and strenghth to proclaim your word!


 2015/8/19 3:26

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This world is not my home anymore.


Amen markuskiwi


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Hi proudpapa

as i said earlier there is no spiritual point for me to keep on the subject of Vaccines. we can both keep posting research and opinions on the matter and fill page after page and still be at the same standing point as the beginning. does it bring us closer together as Christian brothers? no i don't think it does. I would prefer to have all of my discussions in person with people breaking bread together, praying and then discussing matters. unfortunately although technology brings us together to discuss issues it doesn't allow for that side of Christian relationship. it is more like us standing on different sides of the street debating our views with a large crowd watching us and interjecting on various points.

So putting that issue aside religious exemptions is something that is an issue of its own. I think the biggest attackers against religious exemption and freedom is the so called prosperity churches who make millions of dollars from the gospel as well as cults like Scientology. These guys have abused that blessing and the world has had enough of their scandal's especially God as they fleecing his sheep who lack the insight into the doctrines of Balaam. Gay activists want the old fashion church out of site so they can create their own version of Christianity because they know that real Christianity will always show the floors in their Arguments and will not compromise Gods word.

I am not against Religious exemption but i do believe that blessing has expired and its only a matter of years before the secular world finds a way to bring it down. The gay marriage laws have shown how easily this is done.

karl rashleigh

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Hi markuskiwi

"This will not cause people to repent and will therefore not change much . We would need a major outpooring of the Holy Spirit"

I never said it would make people repent but what it does is allows people to see that God has awnsers to the darkness of today it plants a seed that can be watered at anytime after.

yes we do need a massive outpouring of the holy spirit to set the captives free.

But if religious exemption is removed then all this means for Christians is that our faith in Jesus Christ deepens as we will now have to depend on Christ everyday for the things we need. no longer will their be wishy-washy Christianity in the western world, we will rejoice in suffering in Christs name, Christians have had to do this in other countries and they have had the testimony to share the true Glory and power of our father as they rely on him.

karl rashleigh

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Proudpapa and crusader, I am in agreement with much that you say. Certainly no one should be forced to violate their conscious or any part of their body and every Christian should respect all men in this area, especially the brethren.

Crusader, I really liked what you said about 666 and agree that men today have the mark of Satan or the mark of Christ on them, now.

And something I never saw was the tripartite form of 666.

Yes, it is man, man, man. All fleshy in his body, soul, and spirit.

His body opposes the Lord, His soul opposes Him and so does his spirit. All are in complete and total rebellion to the Lord.

Blessings to you both.
We can see this 666 mark on men everyday as we interact with them and observe what they do with their body, what comes out of their mouth and what they worship.

 2015/8/19 22:55

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Hi Julius21

Thank you for comments as well as everyone else, I have been thinking about how i can simplify the mark of the beast verses as there is a lot of information Biblical on it. The mark's original word is "stigmata" and this mark in the old testament was used as a form of branding for slaves. Paul uses it to say that all of his sufferings where proof of his servitude to the lord. It doesn't say anything about cash it says that you can not buy or sell. you could liken this to being part of a club. as a pronounced christian it may hinder our abilities in the worldly market. This has already been done against races and would not be too hard to use this against beliefs .

the bible is a book of spiritual revelation and every born again believer can have this revealed to them. many cults where coming to the same conclusion and still do today as many christian preachers have. the most common belief is Microchip or bar code. people back this up with what is current and visual in technology as it advances. God will not reveal himself to people so they can advance themselves further in denying Christs rightful position.

Scripture is foolish to the world but wisdom to Christians so how can we come to that same conclusion. The world can not see the types that these represent and its only when we walk through the scriptures with Jesus that we do not fall into the depths of its living water. all of the new testament must also be revealed through the old testament.

My biggest concern is that people are waiting for types of signs that are not biblical therefore being deceived by whats happening now. This was the same for the Jews who thought Jesus would come down with a horse and sword and deliver them and they could not except the Jesus that arrived even though he fulfilled all of the prophesy. when a cashless society comes i have no problems with it, it is only when my believe is challenged that i will not deny Christ.

I raised these understandings with a couple of fathers of the faith and we all concluded the same and yet we go to different christian denominations. I also found that through this understanding there is no fear of whats to come and i don't need a special "anointed to leader to guide me to understand what the Lord has written for me to grow in relationship and understanding of the word.

karl rashleigh

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