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 Pastor Captured in North Korea Confesses to 'Crimes Against the State'

North Korea released video footage on Monday of detained Canadian pastor, the Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, confessing to various crimes against the Communist State. The megachurch leader, who was taken into custody by DPRK authorities in February, appears to be reading from a script.

In a video recorded on Aug. 2, Lim, the senior pastor of Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto, is seen speaking to a congregation at Pyongyang's Pongsu Church, where he describes his alleged crimes to those in attendance.
"The worst crime I committed was to rashly defame and insult the highest dignity and the system of the republic," said Lim, according to footage posted by the Uriminzokkiri propaganda website. ...

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 Re: Pastor Captured in North Korea Confesses to 'Crimes Against the State'

The article further states that Lim confessed:

"The most serious crimes I have committed are that I severely slandered and impaired the supreme dignity and system of this country and perpetrated a scheme to overthrow the state," said Lim in his forced confession last week.

"In order to create the impression that it is God, and not the Worker's Party and this country's government which give things to eat and provide means to live, we intentionally drew the cross and wrote the name of the church and Bible phrases on the sacks of provisions that were donated to several parts of the country such as Chongjin and Jagang Province," added Lim. "The purpose that I traveled about several parts of the country on the pretext of "aid" was to build a base to overthrow the system."

I consider him TWICE the brother for saying this. Not to save his skin --- which he may be doing and I hope he does --- but because every word is true. He committed a crime. He slandered and impaired the supreme dignity of the state. He is the very saboteur of the orders of this age that Jesus commissions us to be. He intentionally wanted people to know that God provides and not the State, and he wants to build a base to overthrow because when Jesus returns, He will do exactly and precisely that. And the church IS His base of operations in the world.

Some may take issue with his characterization of aid as a pretext. I don't for many reasons. The aid is genuine, but it is entrée to the preaching of Jesus Christ.

Lord, grant the release of Pastor Lim. Bring the whole of who you are, all of Eph. 3:19-24, to bear on our brother today.



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