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 Indian Pastor Accused of Illegal Conversions

(Worthy News) – The pastor of a church in the village of Raiguda in India's Orissa state was arrested earlier this month for "illegally" converting 300 people to Christianity.

According to Barnabas Aid, police arrested and imprisoned Pastor Sisir Nayak after local Hindus accused him of falsely convincing more than 300 members of the Munda tribe to become Christians.

Although India's "freedom of religion" laws look like protective measures, this legislation only serves to make it more difficult for Hindus to convert to another faith. Freedom of religion laws are also misused to punish Christians for evangelizing by encouraging unprovoked attacks against evangelists.


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 Re: Indian Pastor Accused of Illegal Conversions

Orissa has been the location of some of the most heinous acts of persecution in the world. At one time there was video available on YouTube that showed some of this in action. It was horrible. I don't know whether the video still exists online. The only reason to watch it would be to know that the reality of it is present and advancing.


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Lack of education and community based politics is the reason for such acts.
In Indian News Channels politicians are openly speaking against Christianity growing in number. One Minister was asking the media to investigate how Christians are increasing in number in recent times. Why does it matter to them? Why do they worry about losing numbers? It does not bother me if many Christians are lured by Hindus using money as they did in recent Ghar Vapasi (Home coming) movement, in which government offered ration cards and other benefits to those who convert back from Christianity to Hinduism.


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