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 Victory Through Praise

"Sometimes, when we have prayed through, it is audible praise that will bring the victory.

The best way to overcome moods and depression is to praise the Lord aloud. Pride keeps many believers from practicing this heavenly art. It seems like a foolish weapon to the natural man. But it is mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. When something has gone wrong, or when you have been mistreated or misunderstood, it does not help to lie down on the sofa and miserably rehearse in your mind all the details of the offence. That is the time to get up and march up and down praising the Lord with a loud voice. The enemy will suggest that your praises are not sincere and that you are practicing hypocrisy. He is always a liar. That is not hypocrisy. It is obedience. "In everything give thanks."

If you do not learn this lesson, you will suffer loss. Some maintain that their nature compels them to praise the Lord only inwardly. Such an attitude will impoverish your spiritual life. Audible praise and worship is a key that opens the door to many treasures in the overcoming life. If you have been one who has drawn back from the practice of vocal worship, make an honest experiment. Join in the high sounding praises of your God. Practice praising God aloud in your private worship. Join in the praises at the assembly where you worship. Do this sincerely and whole-heartedly for one month. Your spiritual life will flourish, and your soul will be filled with the glory of God. You will never want to stop singing the praises of your God, and you will be prepared to join the heavenly throng that sings His praises in the kingdom of God for ever." - Robert D. Kalis

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